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Renaissance (WIMS)

Differences between Medieval and Renaissance Art. Medieval looks flat and Renaissance has depth.
Differences between Medieval and Renaissance Art. Medieval content was religious and Renaissance was of everyday life.
believed that people are rational beings Humanists
What is one example of Michelangelo’s best known works? Sistine Chapel
Raphael is best known for “Madonnas”
a time of new thinking and new ideas Renaissance
6. This new painting technique allowed Renaissance artists to make some objects appear close and others more distant. Perspective
What label was given to Leonardo da Vinci because of his many talents and creative thinking? Renaissance Man
Name for Renaissance scholars who studied ancient texts to learn more about human interests beyond religion and the church. Humanists
Which Italian city was the center for new ideas in Renaissance art? Florence
What role did patrons like the Duke of Milan play in Leonardo’s life? They supported him financially and allowed him to develop his many talents.
Which of the following is considered Leonardo’s most famous work of art? The Mona Lisa
How did Leonardo da Vinci learn to paint the human body more realistically? He studied anatomy and used scientific observation
What was remarkable about Leonardo’s invention ideas? They represented very creative thinking
Which of the following was one of the new painting techniques used by Renaissance artists? Using live models
What do Leonardo’s drawings of plant like and human anatomy reveal about the Renaissance? Observation and discovery were the foundation for new learning.
Created by: asmcmillan