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Short Answer

Describe the Maya ball game. Using only their heads, shoulder, or hips, players tried to bounce a heavy, hard rubber ball through stone rings attached high on the court walls. Winners received jewels and clothing. Losers lost their heads!
What were the key factors in the rise of the Aztec Empire (there were 3)? Warfare with their neighbors, tribute collected from those they conquered, and trade all helped make the Aztec Empire powerful.
What gave the Spaniards an advantage when they invaded the Americas? They had superior armor and weapons, horses, and deadly diseases (such as smallpox).
Where did the first Incas live? They lived in the Andes Mountains in South America.
What events in the Inca Empire led up to the invasion by Pizarro? One emperor died, leaving two sons. These sons fought each other to be emperor and led the empire into a civil war that weakened it greatly.
Describe the Inca road system and why it was important. The Incas built a road system that stretched the length of their empire. It helped them transport goods, move their armies, and keep in communication.
Briefly describe the Aztec and Inca social classes and who was in each class level. Aztec - The emperor was most important person in society, with nobles as tax collectors, judges and govt. officials. Jobs were inherited. Warriors and priests were next, then merchants and artisans. Farmers and laborers were lower, then slaves.
Describe the Inca social classes Inca - 2 social classes: emperor, priests, and governments officials made up the upper class (had the best of everything) farmers, artisans, and servants were the lower class, with just enough to get by. Technically, there was no slavery.
Describe the upper and lower classes of Maya society. Upper class: king, priests, merchants, warriors. Lower class: farming families.
List 4 reasons that may have led to the fall of the Maya civilization. 1. The burden on the common people who may have rebelled against their rulers and abandoned their cities. 2. Increased warfare between rival cities. 3. They could not produce enough food to feed everyone. The cities then warred with each other.
Reasons for the fall of Maya civilization The cities then warred with each other, which would have killed farm workers and damaged crops/farmland, making it even harder to grown enough food. 4. Climate change, such as drought made it hard to grow enough food for city dwellers.
Why did many Native American tribes ally themselves with Cortes? They hated the Aztecs, who had dominated them in warfare, forced them to pay tribute, and sacrificed many of their people to the gods.
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