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from romans 1:17, what does the phrase "from faith to faith" mean we are to learn the truth in order to pass it on to others
from col 2:9, is Jesus a part of the Godhead? if not, explain godhead means diety. All of the qualities of God are in Jesus; Jesus is diety
why would athe god of this world (satan) even worry about blinding man's eyes from Jesus Christ satan wants us to remain in darkness. understanding who Jesus really is--the fulness of God and all His power--would lead to deliverance
does the vision stephen saw in the heavens show any separation in the Godhead he saw Jesus as the glory/image of God
does right hand mean literal right side right hand symbolized power and authority. left hand symbolized weakness
use light bulb illustration to explain how God is the glory you see in Jesus filament is the glory of God, bulb in Jesus--from which God's spirit shines
what are the two different trinitarian beliefs unity of God without understanding trinity means three some believe in 3 separate persons that are co-existent, co-equal, totally separate
explain how and why orthodox jews use tefillin and the mezuzzah scroll they have scriptures about oneness and how God delivered them from Egypt in them and they wear them on their wrists and forehead when they pray and have them on their doorposts to remind them every time they go in and out
give some new testament scriptures that support oneness col 2:9, 2 cor 12:32, rev 4:2, matt 1:23
why did Jesus come in the flesh to reveal himself to us and to reconcile us with God
according to john 1:1, what is the "Word" logos--thought or plan in the mind of God
why did God use names and titles for himself to help us see his character
what are the four things God's name represents about Him? God's presence, the revelation of his character, his power, his authority
what is the most common title used for God in the OT Elohim, means strength and faithfulness (attributes of God). Also means God
in john 8:24, who is revealed as the I AM of the OT Jesus. A pharisee asked him where was his father, he said I AM
explain how the name of God represents his authority Matt 1:23 says Emmanuel, God with us
The name Jesus is translated as ________ and Christ is ______________ Jehovah is salvation. The anointed one/Messiah
for the jew to say "thou art the Christ, the son of the living God," was also to say names revealed the character of the individual. saying Jesus is the Christ meant He was who they had waiting for
the three words "LORD, Jesus and Christ, match up with what three hebrew words LORD--Adonai Jesus--Jehovah Christ--Messiah
relate the definition of "spirit" to the nature of God God is a spirit, without flesh or its limitations
what does it mean when we say God is "immutable" God doesn't change. He may change His mind but His character is unchanging
what one emotion captures the very essence of God love, because it sums up all His attributes
list some of God's moral attributes holiness, mercy, gentleness, righteousness, faithfulness, trustworthy
can humans fully comprehend our infinite God no. from the depths of His wisdom and knowledge, He makes His ways and thoughts far above ours.
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