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what forced the early church into the second phase of the great commission persecution after the preaching and stoning of Stephen
where was the early church headquarters after leaving jerusalem antioch in syria
3 ingredients needed for effective apostolic ministry Passion/zeal for the Gospel Understand this world is temporary Realize importance of the doctrine
Philip paved the way for Peter and JOhn. Who paved the way for Philip Jesus, when meeting the samaritan woman
what did Philip preach to the Ethiopian eunich Jesus Christ
whose conversion shows God can save even our worst enemy the conversion of Saul, persecutor turned prophet/preacher
what disciple told Paul how to be saved Annanias
Lay out the course of Paul's spiritual journey over the 3 years following his conversion his conversion, his baptism and calling, his first preaching, early attacks against his life
what notable miracle was Peter the first to perform in the early church raising Dorcas from the dead
who did Peter lodge with in Joppa Simon, the tanner (who was considered an outcast)
was the gospel message preached to the gentiles the same as the one preached to the jews in acts 2? no, the jews heard how they had killed Jesus, the Messiah. The gentiles heard of the gospel
what had to be erradicated if evangelism is to be effective prejudice
what apostle was chosen to break the barrier of prejudice in the early church Peter
why was Caesarea an ideal place for the door of salvation to be open to the Gentiles It had a large Gentile population
describe the man, Cornelius; his life and character he was a devout believer, prayed, gave to the poor
the recounting of the conversion of the gentiles revealed what about the early church they were organized and accountable to each other
in what city did Barnabas primarily minister Antioch
what 4 major events in acts 12 contributed to the relocation of the church execution of James attempt to kill Peter the divine judgment of Herod the Word grew and multiplied
how did the church commission Paul and Barnabus to go on the 1st missionary journey by laying on of hands after prayer and fasting
how many churches were founded on Paul's first missionary journey four
what 3 keys did Paul and Barn. emphasize when they started a church Encouragement Instruction Organization
what doctrinal issue almost split the church in Acts 15 circumcision
what three leavens did Jesus warn his disciples about? Which leaven did the council in jerusalem have to deal with? Leaven of the Sadducees (who wanted power and control leaven of Herod (my way or no way) Leaven of the Pharisees (keep the Law and ceremonial purity, but not heart purity) The last one.
what 3 important points were established by the jerusalem conference Salvation by grace, not by obeying jewish law Christianity open to all races Pattern was established about solving disputes by following Biblical and spiritual authority
what 3 significant events happened during Paul's visit to Philippi The conversion of 3 people: Lydia (successful merchant) thru reasoning the slave girl thru demonstration of the power of the Spirit the philippian jailer won thru example
what famous description was given to the church at Berea they studied the scripture daily
what 2 philisophical groups did Paul encounter in Athens Stoics--saw god in everything and worshipped nature Epicureans--pleasure seeking, believed God had no interest in them
The famous preacher Aquila and Priscilla converted was Apollos
where did Paul stay longer than any other city Ephesus
whose school was in Ephesus the school of Tyrannus
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