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what does the word "shepherd" mean Pastor--leads God's people
as "under shepherds" pastors must never allow themselves to do what take ownership of the flock
difference between taking ownership and oversight ownership leads to taking control; oversight leads to shepherding
with what are pastors to fee God's people wisdom and understanding
name the five gifts of the five-fold ministry Teachers, Evangelists, Pastors, Apostles and Prophets
which gift best represents Jesus as the Shepherd Pastor plus teacher
explain the difference between 5-fold ministry Each different level of spiritual maturity Pastor shepherds the flock Evangelist gathers Teacher imparts knowledge and understanding Apostle helps establish God's kingdom with knowledge, spiritual authority and oversight. Prophet brings revelation
Prayer is the means by which we have what with God Intimate fellowship
What will take you to a level of anointing that you cannot obtain another way Prayer with fasting
in what way in the pastor's wife his greatest asset she has gifts and qualities he does not and therefore completes him
how is eph 6:4 an example of the "deliberateness" of God's commands It's deliberate because it is plainly stated and it goes against our human nature
how do children spell love T I M E they feel important to you and can see you witness to others and learn how to handle problems in a godly way and see a dedicated, joyful life
what percentage of men in any church struggle with sexual addition 30 to 40%
Why is the internet is the _________ ___________ of sexual addiction "crack cocaine" because it's easy to get
sec addicts are the _______ of our day lepers
explain what shame is shame is the feeling that "there is something wrong with me"
what is the solution to sexual addiction, according to romans 12:2 be transformed by the renewing of your minds
name 5 God-called leaders in scripture whose gift and calling became bigger than the God who gave it Samson, Saul, David, Solomon, Judas and Demas
Two common ways to pastor Individual focus--on mentoring individuals more than running the church (leaves technicalities to others (organizational function) and Corporate focus--oversees every aspect of the church
explain how today's expectation of pastors has changed from what it was in the Bible pastors are expected to be or do everything instead of being free to delegate and minister the Word
Like Jesus, a pastor is called to be what 3 things Servant, Shepherd, Mentor
explain the role as pastor as a servant "minister" because a servant ministers to the needs of others, especially the wounded
explain the role of a pastor as a shepherf "overseer/administrator" because he feeds, protects and cares for the sheep
explain the role of a pastor as a mentor "example" because he advises/teaches those under him
What did the Apostle Paul say about mentoring Follow me as I follow Christ
what are the siamese twins of effective mentoring integrity and skill
what kind of consequences do a pastor's mistakes carry eternal consequences
what 3 challenges every pastor faces The challenge of method the challenge of timing the challenge of betrayal
explain the significance of the fact that methods change you must consider the people, culture, climate where you are in order to be effective
how does God confirm his word to us two or three witnesses
explain the Rabbinical tradition that is the key to understanding why the devil tempted Jesus to cast himself off the pinnacle in the tample they believed the Messiah would descend from heaven--would reveal God's glory at the wrong time
how was Moses' crime discovered The man he saved the day before was the only witness
in what 3 instances was Jesus betrayed in Gethsemane by all, by Peter, by Judas
The issue isn't "if" we'll be faced with challenges but _________________ how we will handle them
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