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Tabernacle 2


what does the acronym JOT mean as a reason to study the tabernacle? Jesus in the Old Test. meant that the tab was a shadow of Jesus
Three levels of understanding in tab? Inventory--symbolism of furniture, man-conscious; Application--appeals to our souls, self-conscious; Significance--our spirits are changed, God conscious
Two paths for studying the tab Grace--from Holy of Holies to altar and Faith--from altar to Holy of Holies (us approaching God)
the tab was a place of _______ and method of ________ for Israel meeting and worship
Five names given to tab Tent (because they were on the move) Tabernacle (a dwelling place for God) Sanctuary (made his possession holy) Tabernacle of the Congregation (where they met with God) Tabernacle of Testimony (witness to and revelation of God's will and holiness)
3 aspects of God's dwelling place in the Bible Tabernacle--where he dwelt Among men when Jesus was on earth In his body--the Church
Who was the architect and who was the manager? God and Moses
What 3 things did having the tab teach the Isrealites the difference between God's holiness and their sin; the only way to approach God was thru sacrifice and blood; The blood of the Messiah is the basis for every spiritual relationship
materials used in construction of tab Gold, silver, fabrics of different colors, wood, stones, oil
Who supplied the materials for the tab The people of Israel
According to ex. 31:6, the workers of the tab were chosen for what character trait? wisdom
Why was Bezaleel significant (who trained the tab workers) his name meant "in the shadow of God", a type of the Holy Ghost which guides
Who made up the inner and outer circles of the camp Levites and people who put up and pulled down tab in inner circle. The rest of the tribes in outer circle
What enemies do each Christian confront and what are our three defenses The world, the flesh and the devil. Our defenses are prayer, service and worship
What 3 things were always true when God brought the children of Israel to rest in the camp God was in the midst of his people. Everyone was in their place. Their meeting place was at the eastern gate
who was always at the center of the camp God
what did the law expose sin
explain the significance of the wall being too high for people to see over Natural man would never be able to discern the things of God. All must come thru Jesus. The Law was too high for man to attain.
explain the significance of the gate of the tab only one way to God--thru J.C.
what are the four pillars of the gate a type of? the gospels
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