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Chapter 11

Byzantine Russia and Turkish Empire

Who was the most important Byzantine emperor? Justinian
Which prince of Moscow led the Russians to freedom from the Mongols? Ivan III
What people attacked and demolished Kiev? The Mongols
What term is the title of the Russian emperor and is the Russian version of the word Caesar? Czar
What group of invaders probably founded Novgorod and later settled in Kiev? The Vikings
What kind of government did the Byzantine Empire have? Autocracy
The Turks were noted for what? Military skill
Who is the famous Kurdish captain who helped the Muslims recover Jerusalem in 1187? Saladin
Who was the founder of the Seljuk Dynasty? Taghril Beg
Who launched the first Crusade in 1095? Pope Urban II
What is the name of a Seljuk prime minister? A vizier
Who was the most famous Seljuk sultan? Malik Shah
What language did most Byzantines speak? Greek
What is the name of the code of law created by Justinian? Justinian's Code
What is the name of the church that Justinian rebuilt? The Hagia Sophia
Who was Empress Theodora's husband? Justinian
What is the name of the leading bishop in Eastern Orthodox Christianity? Patriarch
What group most influenced Seljuk culture? The Persians
What is the name of the Mongol army? The Golden Horde
Who was Ghengis Khan? The leader of the Mongols
What was the religion of the Byzantine Empire? Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Russia was influenced by what civilization? The Byzantine Empire
Who was the first Russian ruler to be officially crowned czar? Ivan IV
Ivan IV introduced what to Russian society? Feudalism and the Manor system
What is a mameluke? A Turkish military slave
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