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19th Century Europe

Identify contributions of Napoleon * Expanded France's borders * Expanded education * Expanded banking code * Napoleonic Code
Aspects of Napoleon's legacy * Unsuccessful attempt to unify Europe under French control * Napoleonic Code * Awakens feelings of national pride and growth of nationalism
Outcomes or Legacies of Congress of Vienna * Balance of power * Restore monarchies * New political map of Europe * New political philosophies [liberalism, conservatism]
What stimulated the growth of nationalism? * National pride * Economic competition * Democratic ideals
The terms of the Congress of Vienna led to discontent in what countries? What happened there? * Italy & Germany * Unsuccessful revolutions in 1848 increased nationalistic tensions
How did the United Kingdom expand political rights? What did the U.K. make illegal? * Through legislative means * Banned slavery
Who united Northern Italy? Count Cavour
Who joined Southern Italy to Northern Italy? Giuseppe Garibaldi
When Italian states unified, what area was the last to join? The Papal States (including Rome)
Who is the leader associated with the unification of Germany? Otto von Bismark
Parts of Germany used to be called ___________. Prussia
What is Realpolitik and who is associated with it? * Idea that justifies all means to achieve and hold power * Otto von Bismark used Realpolitik
Define what the Congress of Vienna meant by "Balance of Power" Most European countries had the same amount of power and influence
What is the Napoleonic Code? Give some examples. Unified law system in France developed by Napoleon. * Example-freedom of religion was guaranteed under Napoleonic Code
What war led to the creation of the German state? Franco-Prussian War
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