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Byzantine, Russia and Turkish Empire

Who was Justinian? A Byzantine Emperor, who ruled in 527 and wanted to restore the Roman Empire
How did Justinian make Constantinople a strong capital? -Built strong walls, a huge palace, public baths, courts and schools
What were two big problems the empire faced? The Bubonic Plauge- Disease Crusades- Constantly getting attacked
What are two differences between the Eastern and Western Churches? Eastern- Allowed Marriage Western- Followed the Pope
What did the Eastern Roman Empire become known as? Byzantium
What is it called when the Pope casts an official out of the Church? Excommunication
What was the capital of Ukraine? Kiev
Which people attacked and demolished Kiev? The Mongols
Who created a legal code for Kiev? Yaroslav the Wise
Under which Kievan ruler did all citizens convert to Byzantine Christianity? Valadimir
Name 3 effects of Mongol Rule on Russia -Isolated the Russians from Western Europe -United different areas of Russia under one central authority -Led to the rise of Moscow
Who was Ivan the Terrible? A harsh ruler that centralized royal power. He introduced the manor system, feudalism and new laws.
Who are the founders of Juadism? Abraham and Moses
What was the language of Juadism? Hebrew
What is the Holy book of Juadism? Torah or Talmud
What is the holy house of worship in Juadism? Temple or Synagouge
List the major holidays of Juadism -Passover, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year and Hanukkah
Who are the Founders of Christianity? Jesus and Abraham
Where is the birthplace of Christianity? Bethlehem/Jeruslem
What is the main beliefs in Christianity? Monotheism, Jesus is the Mesiah and Original Sin
What is the holy book of Christianity? The Bible/Gospels
What is the Holy Day of the Week (Christianity) Sunday
What are major Holidays of Christianity? Christmas, Easter and Good Friday
Who is the leader of religious services for Christians? Priests, father or minister
Do christians believe in an Afterlife? Yes, they believe in heaven and hell.
Created by: belieberlove21