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Byzantine Empire

Chapter 11

What is the Golden Horde Advance? Mongol Armies that burned Kiev and other Russian town.They killed a large majority of the Russian Population.
What was Ivan's nickname? Ivan the terrible.
Who is Ivan's Grandfather? Ivan the Great.
What did Yaroslav the Wise help with? He helped Kiev stronger Military and with Victories.
What did Prince Vladimir do? Connect with Byzantine Empire.
When Justinian died in 565 what happened? Street riots, foreign danger, religious quarrels.
Who banned icons? Leo II
Who is Yaruslav the wise? Son of Vladimir also he came to the throne.
What was the Turkish group known as? Seljuks.
Where are the mongols from? Asia
Who launched the first Crusaders? Pope Urban II in 1095.
Who won The Seljuks or the Crusaders Crusades
Did the mongols or Crusaders win? Mongols
What is the Justinian code. the body of Roman civil law collected and organized by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian around a.d. 534.
Who bought Turkish kid? The Abbasids
Why did Ivan the Terrible become unstable? His wife died.
Who did not trust anyone? Ivan IV
Who left a legacy of land full of rebellion? Ivan IV
Who introduce the manor system and laws that tied Russian serfs to the land? Ivan IV
The absolute power of Mongols severed as a model for latter what? Russian Rulers
Who cut off Russia off from contact with Western Europe? Mongols
Who was driving force behind Moscow's successes? Ivan III
What was Ivan III nickname? Ivan The Great
Who brought much of northern Russia under his rule and recovered Russia territories? Ivan III
Who built a framework for absolute power? Ivan III
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