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Ch. 11

Who was the emperor who rebuilt Constantinople? Justinian
What was the emperor who rebuilt Constantinople's most imporant architectural achievment? Rebuilding the Hagia Sophia
What as the emperor who rebuilt Constantinople's most important achievment? Developing a code of law
Was the Byzantine Empire more militaristic or economical? Economical
What form of rule did the emperor who rebuilt Constantinople rule by? An Autocracy
What religion did the Byzantine Empire practice? Greek Orthodox
What was the language of the Byzantine Church Greek
When did Emperor Justinian rule? 527 to 565 A.D.
What city was the center of the first Russian state? Kiev
What were the two groups that migrated into Russia? The Vikings and the Slavs
What culture did Kiev align itself with? Byzantine culture
Kiev converted to what religion in the 800's A.D. Christianity
Prince Vladimir of Kiev adopted many cultural apects of teh Byzantine Empire, married the Byzantine emperor's sister, and made Roman Catholic the religion of Kiev: True or False? False
What was the name of Vladimir's son? Yaroslav the Wise
The Golden Horde was another name for the... The Mongols
The ______________ of the Mongols and later Ivan the Terrible set a standard for future Russian generations. absolute power
Ivan III became known as Ivan the Terrible for what reason? His cruelty and violence towards his own citizens
The Nomadic people. the Tu-Kiu, may have been the... Turks
Turks became powerful warriors and loyal servants as part of the... Abbasid Empire
Turks conquered the _______ city of Baghdad. Persian
The Seljuks treated their Persian subjects kindly and won their loyalty: True or False? True
Who was the Pope who issued a crusade to drive the Turks out of Anotolia? Pope Urban II
A fragment of Seljuks gain the power to drive the crusaders out of Anatolia under whose leadership? Saladin
In what century did the Mongols invade Bagdad? The 13th century
The Turks had much to learn from their ______ subjects: True or False? True
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