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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Test

What was the single, uniform code of laws called in the Byzantine Empire? Justian Code
What was the church built by Justinian called? Hagia Sophia
What is the religious leader in the Eastern Roman Empire? Patriarch
What two cultures came together to form Russia? Slavs & Vikings
What Kievan leader converted the Kievs to Christianity? Vladimir
What civilization attacked and took over Kiev? The Mongols
Who moved Russia's capital to Moscow? Ivan I
What were Russian rulers called? Czar
Where was the Abbasid capital? Baghdad
What is an Islamic religious leader called? Caliph
What civilization took over the Abbasids? Persians
What did the Abbasids buy Turkish children for? To raise as slaves, train as soldiers and be employed as body guards.
Who captured Baghdad from the Persians? The Seljuks
What did the Turks adopt from the Persians? Language, Culture and Religious practices.
What were the series of military campaigns to take back the Holy Land called? The Crusades
What were the terms of the truce made my King Richard I and Saladin? Muslims owned the Holy Land, but Christians could make pilgrimages there
Which valued education more, the Eastern RE, or the Western RE? Eastern Roman Empire
What was a consistent problem that the Byzantine Empire faced during it's entire rein? Attacks from the East and West
What was the religious split between the East and West called? The Great Shcism
What error made by Yarslov broke up the kingdom? He gave divided the land between his sons
What was Ivan III's nickname? Ivan the Terrible
What is marked as Russia's liberation from the Mongols? The bloodless standoff at the Ugra River
What is a vizier? Prime Minister
What Pope launched the First Crusade? Urban II
Who was the ruler of the Mongols? Genghis Kahn
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