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WH: Chapter 11

Byzantine, Russian, and Turkish Empires

In 527, which high-ranking Byzantine nobleman inherited the Eastern Empire's throne from his uncle? Justinian
What was the revised group of laws produced by Justinian's panel called? Justinian Code
The crowning glory of Justinian's reign was? Hagia Sophia
After Justinian's death, the empire fell. What other events contributed to the fall? Bubonic Plague and attacks from the East and West
What was the big thing the Eastern and Western churches fought over? Icons
When the church officially split, what were the two branches called? Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox
What two traditions eventually produced Russian culture? Slavic and Greek
Vladimir brought what religion to his subjects? Byzantine Christianity
Yaroslav the Wise created what to alter Kiev's commercial culture? Legal code
Yaroslav the Wise built the first..... Library
Which group from Central Asia invaded Russia and made it into a tributary state? Mongols
Ivan III openly challenged Mongol rule and took what name? Czar
The Turks are thought to have been the what people located west of China's border? Tu-Kiu
The Seljuks captured Bagdad from the Persians and then marched on to what empire? Byzantine
Who founded the Seljuk Dynasty? Toghril Beg
Nizam al-Mulk was the _______, or prime minister to the most famous of the Seljuk sultans, Malik Shah Vizier
The Byzantine Empire was an ______________, where the emperor was both the religious and political leader. Autocracy
Which two people "founded" Russia? Slavs and Rus(Vikings)
After Yaroslav the Wise's death, the Kievan state started declining. What was another key events that led to decline? The Crusades
Which Moscow prince gained much power and trust from the Mongols? Ivan I
The Turks had a lot to learn about their subjects, the Persians. Over time, they adapted Persian ____________ and culture, along with learning. Religion
After the Seljuk Empire disintegrated, what to forces did they have to confront? The Crusades and Mongols
What was the first important Russian city named? Novgorod
In Eastern Christianity, the leading bishop was called ______________. Even he had to bow down to emperor. Patriarch
Which three major rivers was Moscow strategically placed near? The Volga, Dnieper, and Don
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