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Vocabulary Words for Quiz next week

Berlin Conference is the European nations meet up to divide up Africa into different colonies
Boxer Rebellion is the revolt to end the foreign influence in China
Colony is an area governed by a foreign nation
Extraterritorial Rights are foreigners in China that only had to follow the laws of their own country
Imperialism is control by a strong nation over a weaker nation
"Jewel In the Crown" its name refers to India as the most valuable British colony
Meiji Era / Restoration it is when Japan becomes industrialized and modernized
Missionaries is people who spread the ideas of their religion
Open Door Policy when it gave all nations trading rights in China
Opium War was a war between China and Britain over the sale of the drug Opium
Sepoy Mutiny is the rebellion of the Indian soldiers against the British
Social Darwinism when Europeans believed that they were superior to non - Europeans
Sphere of Influence was an area in which a foreign nations control the trade
Tokugawa Shogun is isolated Japan from the outside world
White Man's Burden was the idea that Europeans had the responsibility to take care of the non-European in the world
Created by: daniashbarbery