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6th Grade-chapter

Chapter Test-6th grade

1. What was unusual about the childhood of Romulus and Remus? They were cared by a female wolf
2. Why was the Tiber River important to the people of Rome? Foreign ships could bring goods up the river to Rome.
3. What skill did the Etruscans introduce that later helped the Romans use their water supply more effectively? building aqueducts
4. Which best describes a republic? Citizens have the right to vote, or choose their leaders
5. Which best describes the government of the early Roman republic? The Senate was made up of patricians
6. Who was Hannibal? A North African general who invaded Italy
7. For what is Augustus best remembered? He brought order, good government, and peace to Rome.
8. Which best describes the term Pax Romana? two centuries of peace beginning with the rule of Augustus
9. Which is part of both the U.S. legal system and Roman Law? People are innocent until proven guilty, Judges interpret the laws, people have rights the government can't take away
10. Which of the following were major achievements of the Romans? building roads, establishing new laws, uniting people in the Roman Empire
11. Which best describes Christianity? religion based on the teachings of Jesus
12. What is the relationship between the Jewish faith and Christianity? Jesus, founder of Christianity, was born into a Jewish family
13. How did the Apostles Peter and Paul contribute to the spread of Christianity? They spread the teachings of Jesus throughout the Mediterranean
14. In the context of this chapter, which BEST defines persection? being punished for religious beliefs
15. Why was it a disadvantage to hire mercenaries to fight in the Roman army? They felt little loyalty to Rome
16. Which statement is true of Constantine? He built a New Roman capital, he outlawed the persection of Christians, he united the eastern and western parts of the Roman Empire
17. Which is something the Visigoths did to capture Rome? cut off food supply, robbed homes of the wealthy, burned what they could not take
18. What are 4 reasons the westside part of the Roman Empire fell? Barbarian attacks, Bad leadship, Emperors stealing from the treasury, Roman general fighting for power, Civil wars, food shortages, plague
19. Describe how the Roman republic was originally set up, including the different levels of power in the government. The Roman citizens were divided by the patricians and the plebeians
20. What were some of the ways the Romans tried to make friends with peoples they conquered? They granted Roman Citizenship
21. Describe how the Roman Empire changed after the Five Good Emperors came into power? Poor leadership led to the fall of Rome.
22. What sequence of events led to Christianity becoming the main religion in the Roman Empire? Jesus taught Christianity, Persection of Christians, Constantine outlawed persection, Theodosius made Christianity the official relgion
23. How did the division of the Roman Empire lead to the division of Christianity? The Empire breaking into two parts caused a division in the power of the church from the Pope westside and the Emperor eastside
24. What events led to the downfall of the city Rome? The Visigoth barbarians captured and burned Rome.
Created by: acostavi