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WHA Unit 5 Review

Who is known as the father of American industry? Samuel Slater, because he built the Arkwright machinery from memory at a mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Who built the world's first central electric power plant? Thomas Edison
The invention of the "flying shuttle" by John Kay caused many weavers to lose their jobs
Mass production increased the quantity of goods produced and made more ___________ available to more people. consumer goods
What was a negative result of the growth of the textile industry in Great Britain? the spread of slavery in the U.S.
Why was a region of Northwestern England became known as the "black country"? iron-smelting factories polluted the air
What replaced the mercantile system in Britain? laissez-faire economics
What was a solution to the scarce living and working spaces in cities? constructing skyscrapers
Joseph Lister's work with antiseptics would have been impossible without the discoveries of Louis Pasteur
What development allowed cities to expand to the suburbs? public transportation systems
What is the correct sequence of French Rulers starting with Charles X? Charles X, Louis Philippe, Louis Napoleon
How did Augstin de Iturbide become emperor of Mexico? by getting all groups to agree on a less radical independence settlement
Work stoppages used to pressure employers to improve working conditions strikes
Economic system free of regulation is called laissez-faire
Government owns the means of production and controls economic planning communism
The process of changing to power driven machinery is called industrialization
What are the factors of production? land, labor, and capital
Government owns property and controls industry socialism
What is utopianism? The belief that communities can solve society’s problems
What was the Victorian Era? Period in England characterized by democratic reforms and highly-ornamented possessions
What showed a level of anti-semitism in France? the Dreyfus Affair
Elected president of the Second Republic in France and late became emperor Louis Napoleon
What were tenements? buildings where poor immigrants lived in cities
What event deposed Louis Philippe? (got rid of him) Revolution of 1848
True or False: Changing from the cottage industry system to the factory system was beneficial for all workers. False
Who was Robert Fulton? An American engineer who is known for developing the first steamboat.
Created by: vderoner