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Global Trade

[Global Trade: WHII SOL (LHS)] Broome

Which group conquered Constantinople? Ottomans
What religion were the Ottomans? Muslim
Where did the Ottoman Empire originate? Asia Minor (Modern-day Turkey)
Where did the Ottoman Empire expand to? SW Asia, SE Europe (Balkans Peninusla), and North Africa
What was Constantinople renamed? Istanbul
Who renamed Constantinople? Ottomans
How did the Ottomans treat other religions? Accepted them, tolerlant, allowed them to continue their practices
What did the Ottomans trade? Coffee and Ceramics
Who were descendents of the Mongols? Mughals
Which empire was located in Northern India? Mughals
Where were the Mughals located? Northern India
The Mughals traded with which Europeans countries? England, Portugal and Holland
The Mughals brought which religion to India? Islam
Who be the Taj Mahal? Mughals
Which textile industry affected the British industry? Indian
Which two groups tried to limit the influence of European merchants? China and Japan
Which civilization created enclaves to limit the spread of foreigners in their land? China
Europeans loved which Chinese goods? Tea and Porcelain
What was the name of Japan's policy of keeping out foreign merchants? Isolationism
Who was the military leader of the Japanese? Shogun
Who was the "figurehead" leader of the Japanese? Emperor
Which had more power in Japanese culture, the Emperor or the Shogun? Shogun
What did Africa export? Slaves and raw goods
What did Africa import? Manufactored goods from Europe, Asia and the Americas, corn and peanuts
Created by: TeacherBroome