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Chapter 7

also know as the yellow river Huang He
also know as the Yangtze river flows across central china Chang Jiang
china's first capital. built during the Shang Anyang
rely chinese writing tool Pictographs
two or more pictographs joined to represent Ideograph
rebelled against the Shang dynasty & created the Zhou dynasty Wu Wang
dynasty that ruled longer then any other in Chinese history Zhou
head of government in the Zhou dynasty Kings
The Zhou kingdom was divided into smaller territories. each territory was led by an Aristocrat
Zhou Kings were thought to be the link between the ___ & people. Gods
the ___ of Heaven was a heavenly law that gave Zhou kings the power to rule Mandate
the ___ was the proper way kings were to rule their people. Dao
was an important trade item during the Zhou dynasty Silk
the period of ____ States occurred before the fall of the Zhou dynasty Warring
a _____ _____ includes people who share a similar position in society Social Class
chinese society had three main social classes: ______, farmers, & merchants Aristocrats
most Chinese people were _____. farmers paid aristocrats with part of their crops. Farmers
______ were the lowest class. Merchants
______ ______ means children had to respect their parents & elders Filial Piery
taught that all men with a talent for government should take part in government Confucianism
teaches that people should give up worldly desires & encourages the importance of nature Daoism
the belief that society needs a system of harsh laws and punishments legalism
Qin declared himself ______ ______, or First Qin Emperor Qin Shihuangdi
Qin's rule was based on legalism
the great wall of china was built to ______ the Chinese. protect
founded the Han dynasty in 202 B.C. Lui Bang
civil service examinations began when _____ ______ started testing Han Wudi
the Chinese invented many products during the _____ dynasty Han
Chinese doctors began practicing ______, needles in patients skin to relief pain Acupuncture
was the most valuable trade product silk
was an overland trade route extended form Western China to Southwest China Silk Road
spread from India to China Buddhism
_____ _____ began, and nomads invaded the country before the government collapsed Civil War
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