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Lesson 7 Bible Quiz

Moses Fears God

Moses was able to speak with God so openly because of his close relationship with God.
Moses asked God to save Israel because Moses wanted God's reputation to remain strong.
Leaders are responsible to pray for and protect the people they are leading and to demonstrate a right relationship to others and show responsible leadership before God.
The fear of the Lord can be defined as a loving respect for God, being secure in His love, and having a great awe of His power.
Moses demonstrated a bold belief in God's deliverance by leading the people of God through the Red Sea.
submission is humbly accepting the authority or decision of someone else.
sacrifice is the offering of something to God.
atonement is making things right with God through sacrifice.
Sin is anything people think, say, or do that disobeys God.
Choices result in consequences.
Moses' bold faith started at home with his Hebrew parents. they feared God.
More than once God's anger was so great against Israel's sin that He could have destroyed the people if it had not been for Moses' intercession.
In the Old Testament times sacrifice did NOT pay for sins in full as Jesus' death on the cross did.
2 qualities that made Moses a good leader were being humble and having a close relationship with God.
When the Hebrews complained about the manna some were burned to death, and there was a great plague.
When the Hebrews refused to enter Canaan they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.
Created by: slohrenz
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