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AFRI 113

Final Exam

3 terms used to describe music in Africa Personal, Group, Listeners
Personal Music Performed by one person for their enjoyment
Group Music performed by a group for that group *Dancing*
Listeners Music performed by professionals for an audience
Creolization the blending of 2 or more older music traditions together
The most popular music came from folk music
African Retentions in blues and jazz 1. Call & Response 2. Multiple rythms (polyrhythms)
2 ways brass bands were used in early jazz 1. Funeral Parades 2. Business Ads
Most popular forms of blues Country, Classic, Urban
Urban Blues more sophisticated
Classic Blues public entertainment
Country Blues originated in the Mississippi delta
Schools of rap Nation conscious, Gangsta, Player & Lover Rap, Porno Rap
2 problems when Egypt is not seen as an African Society 1. the acheivements made in African Cultures has been down played. 2. The connections between Egypt and other African cultures have been ignored
2 major categories of African Art Traditional, Contemporary
Traditional Art portrays the circle of life
Contemporary Art Came from Nigeria
First two African Americans to get public recognition within their artistic fields Josua Johnston, Edmonia Lewis
Josua Johnston Portrait Painter
Edmonia Lewis Sculpture
Haitian art was closely interwoven with their... Belief in VooDoo (Religion)
Types of literature that have grown during modern times, and at the same time Traditional oral lit & Modern Written Lit
The first work of African Literature 1789 "the life of olaudah Equiano" Gustaves Vassa: The African
The common theme or phenomenon represented in Caribbean literature Emmigration
The Caribbean dialect resulting from a blending of languages Creole
3 forms of African American Literature Poetry, fiction, Drama
This African American Poet used the Shakesperian Sonnet Claude McKay
Decade that began a new black poetic movement 1960's 2nd harlem renaissance (Socially conscious Revolution)
Dramatic production in which blacks saw accurate reflections of themselves "A Raisin in the Sun" - Lorraine Hansberry 1959
3 views of sports held by leaders Frederick Douglas- an oppressive instrument used to occupy the minds & energy of blacks, keeping them from more useful activities. Washington- had no time for sport or leisure Debois- Blacks had more important things to worry about
What are husbands responsible for in a traditional African American Family? The husbands are directly responsible to their in-laws for proper treatment of their wives
Tracing Family membership in Africa Patrilineal, Matrilineal, Bilateral
Patrilineal tracing Through the male
Matrilineal tracing Through the female
Bilateral Tracing through both equally
Who is primarily responsible for discipline of children in societies traced through the female line? The wife's brother, or uncle, is responsible for the discipline of the children
2 ways modernization impacted African Families 1. Wage Labor 2. The expansion of traditional agricultural production
2 extreme thoughts about the African Family Pathological/pathogeme (Ill) || Adaptive/ vitality - strong and adaptive (Durable, survivable)
Was slave marriage taken seriously by slave masters? No, Not at all
predominance of which system, according to Fraizier, contributed the supposed weakness of the black family? matriarchal system
4 social/economic disadvantages 1. blacks own or control few businesses or other income enhancing/job creating institutions. 2. blacks have little accumulated wealth. 3. blacks have historically experienced discrimination 4. blacks have lower levels of formal training/education
Problems African American families are facing in the early 21st century 1. Recession & Inflation 2. Industrial Shifts 3. Job mis-matches due to lack of adequate training
How was Islam able to spread across Africa in a 50 year period? Gihad/Holy war
3 phases of the spread of Christianity in Africa 1. Arrival in N&NE Africa in the 1st century 2. Arrival of portugese around 1415 3. The creation of liberra w/ a combined African American & west Indiana population
common features of traditional African religion the existence of superior being, sacrifices & prayers are offered to the being, worship is at specific places & occasions, rituals are related from birth to death, children are exposed to religion in daily life, respect for nature, reverence for ancestors
3 general types of church structures Congregationalist, Episcopalian, presbyterian
Congregationalist church leaders are accountable to the membership
Episcopalian control falls with 1 person or a few people
Presbyterian congregation selects it's leaders or officials
Who was the pioneer in the independent black church (Methodist)? Richard Allen
At one time the only mainstream protestant denomination that spoke out against slavery was... AME (African Methodist Episcopalian) || Methodist
Timeline of the beginning of the black Islamic movement in the US 1913 Moorish Science temple---> 1929 Nobel drew Ali died---> 1930 split in the MST || Wallace D ford takes over then disappears---> 1934 Elijah Muhammed (NOI)---> 1960 Malcom X---> 1975 Elijah Muhammed dies--> W.D. Muhmammed--> 1978 split again
The bases for the political units in matrilineal/patrilineal societies lineage- through the mother child bond is the basis of the political unit
How Caribbean women resisted their enslavement on a daily basis faking illness, refusing to work, leaving the estate w/o permission, using slave codes in their own favor especially maternity rights
How had black women been described since the 1620's undesirable, ugly, promiscuous
Founder & First president of the National Council of colored women Mary Church Terrell
out of Kawaida came... Kwanzaa- celebration of harvest
who founded the holiday of Kwanza? Maulana Karenga
Umoja Unity
Kujichagulia Self-Determination
Ujima Collective Work & Responsibility
Ujamaa Cooperative Economics
Nia Purpose
Kuumba Creativity
Imani Faith
Kwanzaa celebration is on what date December 26th Lasting 7 days
Henry Blair Seed planter/Corn Harvester
Norbert Rillieux Multiple effect vacuum operated sugar refiner
Lewis Latimer First Electric lamp w/carbon filament
Jan Matzeliger Shoe Lasting Machine
Elijah McCoy Automatic Lubricator for Steam engines
Garret Morgan Smoke inhalator, Belt fastener for sewing machines, Automatic traffic light
Granville T. woods Improved steam boiler furnace, Induction telegraphy system
John Parker Screw for tobacco presses
William purvis Machinery for making paper bags
J.A. burr A lawn mower
G.F. Grant golf tee
J. Winters Fire Escape ladder
J. Standard Refrigerator
A. Miles Elevator
George Washington Carver Created over 300 synthetic products form the peanut, 100 from sweet potato, and over 75 from the pecan
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