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R and N Medicine

Radiation being or having radiation. radius (forearm).
Roentgenography process of recording raiation. Radius.
Radiolucent area of low density.
Radiopaque areas of high density.
Radiograph instrument used to record radiation.
Dosimetry process of measuring the amount of radiation exposure.
Arteriography process of recording the artery.
Venography process of recording the veins.
Aortography process of recording the aorta.
Cholangiography process of recording the bile duct.
Cholecystogram record or picture of the fluid filled sac of the gall bladder.
Hysterosalpingography a process of recording the uterus or uterine.
Lymphangiography a process of recording the lymphatic system and blood vessels.
Myelography process of recording bone marrow.
Pyelogram a record or picture of the renal pelvis.
Urography process of recording the urinary system.
Mammography process of recording the breast.
Xeromammography a special x-ray plate that is processed with dry chemicals.
Ultrasonography uses pulse of inaudible, ultra-frequency sound waves to create an image.
Transesophageal echocardiography may be ordered when a standard echocardiogram cannot produce a good-quality image.
Radioactive substance to create an image of the internal structures and function of the body.
Radiopharmaceutical are man-made or naturally occuring radioactive substances that have been processed and measured so that they can been given as a drug dose.
Tracer thing that produces the visible path.
Scintigraphy process of recording point of light.
Ventriculogram a record or picture of the ventricle (lower heart chamber).
Ventilation- perfusion scan is a two-part test that uses two radioactive substances.
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