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Word Association

Regents review using word association and key terms

1789, Reign of Terror, Louis XVI, estates, guillotine, Robespierre French Revolution
Britain , factory system, child labor, Marxist socialism industrial revolution
Martin Luther, shatters religious unity in Europe , 95 Thesis: protestant reformation
Iron Curtain, Soviet satellite nations, tensions between US and USSR cold war
Openness in Soviet Union, Gorbachev, ends communism in Eastern Europe glasnost
Euro, common market, free trade in Europe european union
Orthodox Christianity, Justinian’s Code, influenced Russia , Constantinople byzantine empire
Land and labor system in Latin America , European rule, forced slavery of natives encomienda system
Reason, natural law, challenged absolute monarchy enlightenment
Military alliance between democratic nations, post-WWII, Warsaw Pact united nations
Hindu soldiers, put down by British, animal grease on guns, war of independence Sepoy Rebellion
Scramble for Africa , 1884, disregard for natives, European colonies Berlin Conference/African Imperialism
Anti-Semitism, Poland , Hitler, genocide holocaust
Permanent settlements, farming, domestication of animals Neolithic Revolution
Mecca , Five Pillars of Wisdom, Middle East Islam
Middle Passage, seeds of bitterness, encomienda system Latin American Imperialism
South Africa , Mandela, segregation, ends in 1990 Apartheid
Chinese, social order, filial piety, education Confucianism
The Prince, “ends justify the means”, absolute monarchies: Macchiavelli
Vietnamese, nationalist, communist Ho Chi Minh
Indian, nationalist, civil disobedience, Salt March, Homespun Movement: Mohandis Gandhi
Chinese leader, 1949, communist, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong
The Wealth of Nations, laissez-faire capitalism Adam Smith
Cambodian leader, Khmer Rouge, genocide Pol Pot
Iranian leader, ousted in 1979, pro-western: Shah Reza Pahlavi
Cuban leader, communist, 1959 Fidel Castro
Chinese leader, communist, Tiananmen Square, market economy Deng Xiaoping
French leader, nationalist, war, social equality Napoleon
Holy wars, increased trade, cultural diffusion, rise of absolute monarchies crusades
Manorialism, land, lords, vassals, three field system: feudalism
Created by: mrgates