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Unit 3 Ap World

why is islam seen as the most influential of the new third wave civilizations wide spread of conversions
why were political systems important for trade wealth available from controlling and taxing trade motivated the creation of states in various parts of the world and sustained those states once they had been constructed and commerce posed a set of prob for the gov everywhere
what did large scale empires and long distant trades facilitate spread of releigion, ideas, tech, disease, plants and animals
what did china difuse through trade silk, gunpowder, mirriors,bamboo
what did india diffuse through trade coton textiles herbal medicine, spices and stones
what did the arabs diffuse through trade fruits, dyes, swords
what did the Americas diffuse through trade llama, potatos
what did Eurasia and north Africa diffuse through trade hides for livestock, wool and amber
why did han china extend its authority westward seeking to control the nomadic xiongnu and t gain access to the powerful horses important to military
hiw did the silk road affect the chinease peseants econmially and socially gave up cultivation , focused on making luxury goods
why did Buddhism appeal to the merchants accepted the universal message of the Brahmin , dominiated Hinduism and its caste system
in what ways did Buddhism pick up different elemnts from the silk road have become involved in secular affairs begging bowls became a symbol sculptures resemble musicans acrobats girls with makeup parties Buddha statues had greek influence
after ad of the black plague in Europe what were 2 economic consquences of the disease farmers could ask for higher wages but grains price decreased and demand grew
in what ways did china contribute to the growth of trade in the indean ocean between 500-1500 CE the unified china state encourage marine trade and the growth of its economy sent china products into indian ocean trade
what were the changes to the arab empier during the indian ocean trade brought together in one political system provided a vast arenas for muslim traders
what were the changes in the middle east during the indian ocean trade gold and silver flowed in india to buy pepper pearls textiles and gems
what were the changes made to muslim merchants during indian ocean trade established communities from E. Africa to S. china to reclaim mesoptamia
what were the changes made to mesoptamia and Africa during indian ocean trade try to produce sugar and slaves for Iraq for plantaion work
what was the importance of Srivijaya were monarchs drew upon local beleifs that the chief had magical powers and controlled the prosperity of the state and combined indian and Buddhism ways
why did SE asia not take on indian culture it was based on borrowing the culture
what were the ecomonmic and clutral roles of the swalhili in the indian trade arab, indian, and Persians were welcomed and some stayed spoke swahlie but wrote in Arabic
what were the enviormetal probs for tran sahran trade great sarah gace copper and salt, savannah grassland gave grain crops forest gave roots
what change did trans sarahan trade bring to west Africa long distant trade made a new larger political structures, muslim traders brought slaves, made new urban centers
with whom did mexico and guatmala maintain relationship during 200-900 CE Guatemala and teotihuacan
why did Andean inca empire largely control trade they had private trade along the state
What did silk road link china to the Mediterranean
what did the indian ocean trade link lands boarding the indian ocean and south china sea
what were the 3 distint regions in the indian ocean trade -south china sea dominated by Malaysia and china - SE asia and to the east coast of indian controlled by Indians and malsyians ( Indonesia) -west coast of india to Persian gulf and east Africa controlled by swahli
what traded from SE asia to Madagascar bananas and yams
what is the kingdom of Ghana was one of the transharan centers traded salt and gold, copper, defeated in 1076 by morracian almorivads
what was the impact of the silkroad effeted the turkic nomads, central asia tech spread east and west , buddhism,islam, zorastorinsm and christianity diverse in anatola
what were triangular latten sails used for trade in the indian ocean no oars
what were the tirieme used for warship in the mediteranean
what areas were connected by trade East Africa, Arabia, India, Southeast Asia, and South China
what were the early cultures in the transahran desert camel riders cattle and horse bredders
where did the domestication of the camel come from arabia to egypt
why was sub sahara culture so diverse very small civilizations no big foregin clture was imposed on them
what was the concept of kingship in Africa sepertaed by age group and kingship divisions
what was the cause of iron spreading from the north to the south by the bantu migration which was spread toward south east
hiw was buddhism spread through trade through royal sponsorship ( ashoka and kanisha) and my ordinary pilgrimage ( spread to syriaegypt, mesoptamia, sir lanka, SE asia and tibet)
why did the mediterranean states spread christianity to armenia and antolia to bring the kingdm t its side to deprive iran and control the area making it travel to ethopia
Junk and dhow junk=china dhow= africa swahlii
what are some cuses that buddhism and daoism made it to china collapse of the han dynasty movmentof people to south china
in what ways did sui dynasty unify china from 589-618 emperors solidify unity by a vast extension of the countrys canal system linking N and S chins ecomonmy prospered
Why were the tang and song called the golden age cultrally- art, literature, gave rise to neo confucanism politically-6 major minstories Economically- industrail population
in what ways were women lives changed from tang to song tang was lessrestricted and were elite women , by song reviving confucanism, made strictier
why did the chinese interact with nomads from the north tolearn how to raise livestocl and horse riding
why did china allow to deal with barbarians cross cultue was a view they held of themselves and their neighbors
Why was the chinese gov give gifts to other states whose tributes were less to grant the refrain from military incursion into china
who was Xiongnu, Uighurs, and Khitan and Jurchen to china Xiognu- early nomadic confedracy made gifts arrangment Uighurs- rescued tang dynasty from internal revolt Khitan and Jurchen- established states that ecompassed N china, depended on song forsilk, bestowing gifts on barbarians
Did the chinese convert large numbers of northern nomads to chinese culture most lived in chinese style were agriculture was impossible few adopted the culture but interaction helped
In what political cultural and social ways did korea japan and vietnam respond to chinese infulence Korea- adopted buddhism , politicalindependce but participating in chinas tribute system Vietnam- dded buddhism, daoism, and confuanism, political independence, used self examination test Japan- adopted centralied beaurcy, buddhism and writing
In what ways were korean and japanese women experience thepressure of confuciansm women were more free notfollowing confusanism
Why didnt japan succed in making a centralied beuracylike china political authority diminished in competing aristocrat familys became more decentraliezed
what tech did china export from eurasia salt, papermaking,prinitng, gunpowder
between 300-800 CE what helped facilitate the acceptance of buddhism in china when han collapsed nimadic rulers enforced buddhism
List chinas empiers in order Shang,Zhou, Quin, Han, Sui, Tang,Song, Uan, and Ming
What empier unified china sui, brought buddhism, declined beacuse of finacial probs, and mis managment of product
Tang Dynasty 618-907, centralized under an emperor
Because of tangs territorial expanision what did they combine turkish by attaman traders and confucanism traditions, started foot binding
How did they picked who ruled in tang civil service exam and ruled with buddhism
who where the mahayana in tang the kings queens who thought they were supposed to lead into enlgihment spread from central to east asia spread buddhism then went to confuisit
changan in tang capital, political center,resident lived putside cit walls , tribute sysytem, merchnts were jewish and west asian via indian trade route brought the plauge
cultur in tang combined central asian and chinese , china lost silk monopoly but exported porcelin and silk
during the height of the tang what two empiers ormed turkish uighurs (merchants and scribe,tied to islam and china) and Tibetans ( ties SE asia and china)
what was the alliance with tang and tibet tibet king married chinese princess in tang, buddhism merged with tibetn local releigion,
why did tibet use militarism with the tang they did not like buddhism , conflict with monostaries back fired king was killed tang was isolated
what happened in the 9th century to tang confuaius leaders broke power of buddhism monostaries , legtimize women in politics Wu Zaho became emepero favores buddhism YANG Guifei sterotypes women starts war
Fall of the Tang vast land, internal rebellion, al lusha rebellion female, Hung Chao rebelion foreing influence,
EFFECT OF FALL Independent governors ruled small kingdoms, homlessness,Eastasia was isolated from islamic world
How did song begin Liao, and Jin states emerging regaining contact with korea vietnam and japan
liao state included nomads and agricultralist, confuais and buddhism leaders, 916-1121
how did song get rid of liao dominance allied with jin
how did jin deal with the song tribute, controlling pushed to the south
song dyanasty 1127-1279, Hangzhou capital
Song industries tech innovations in math astronomy and from the su song conpass,ship and the junk, millitary,
what did the song value the most religion: neo-confuansm, zen buddhism, mayhana buddhism civil service exam
how did moveable type transform song life inc edu and spread of agricuture
probs with flying money and market economy flying money was paper inavaluable, contefiet inflammation market economygov couldnt controll private lax collection, trade v. land
Koreas influence from china confanism and buddhism passed to several populations, unification, woodblock writing
Japans infulence from china voulantarly adopted, korean warriors unified these states on honshu island gov, law, and agriculture based on tang, buddhist and cofusists
hejan Period ( Uan) 794-1185 , fujiwara dominatnt clan , women isolated form socail and political life, kamakure shogunate tale of heike - budhist
vietnam influence from china conqured by china , modled after tand and song N. vietnam had Annam seprate state S, vietnam chamapatribute to tang with rice
how did islam spread through Africa peacefully
delhi sultan turks take over N india harshly mistreat hindu and Buddhist
junk india to S Asia
Dhow red and Arabian sea
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