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Medical Exempt Codes


Medical Exemption CodesExemption Code Meaning
MA MEDICAL ASSUMED, Explanation: Prior immunization reasonably inferred from individual's past experiences (i.e. basic military training), but documentation missing. Code used to avoid superfluous immunization. Code can be reversed upon further review.
MD MEDICAL DECLINED, Explanation: Declination of optional vaccines (not applicable to many military vaccinations), religious waivers.
MI MEDICAL IMMUNE, Explanation: Evidence of immunity (for example, by serologic antibody test, "take" after smallpox vaccination); documented previous infection (ex: chickenpox infection); natural infection presumed (ex: measles, if born before 1957).
MP MEDICAL PERMANENT, Explanation: HIV infection, prolonged or permanent immune suppression, other contraindication determined by physician. Can be reversed if the condition changes. For TB, positive TB test.
MR MEDICAL REACTIVE, Explanation: Perm restriction from receiving addnl doses of specific vaccine. Use only after severe reaction 2 vaccination.(ex: anaphylaxis) Report reactions to VAERS. Code can be reversed if alt. form of prophylaxis is avail. See guide
MS MEDICAL SUPPLY, Explanation: Exempt due to lack of vaccine supply. Up to 90 days.
MT MEDICAL TEMPORARY, Explanation: Pregnancy, hospitalization, events referred for medical consultation, temporary immune suppression, convalescent leave, pending medical eval. board, any temporary contraindication to immunization. Up to 365 days
Created by: JARedmann