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Ancient Greece Vocab

1st Greeks on island of Crete Minoans
King of Minoans King Minos
Had a place at Knossos on the island of Crete Minoans / King Minos
Paintings made in wet plaster Frecoes
Athletic ritual of the Minoans Bull Jumping
Greeks who lived on mainland Greece, on the Balkan Peninsula Myceneans
The big peninsula of Greece Balkan Peninsula
The smaller peninsula that Athens sits on Attica / Attic Peninsula
The smaller peninsula that Sparta sits on Peloponnesus / Peloponnesian Peninsula
The word for Greek city-state Polis
The hill in the Greek polis that has temples and the fort/citadel Acropolis
The market place and public meeting/speaking place Agora
Cutting flat layers into the side of the hills to create farmland Terracing / Terrace farming
Ruled by one, a head chief, or king Monarchy
Ruled by the best, rich, or noble class Aristocracy
Ruled by the few Oligarchy
Ruled by one person who illegally takes power and rules brutally Tyranny
Ruled by the people Democracy
Type of Democracy that all citizens participate directly in decisions, speaking, and voting Direct Democracy
Tyrant in Athens who makes harsh laws Draco
Tyrant in Athens who eliminates slavery based on debt, and creates jury of peers Solon
Reforms Athens and makes it more democratic. Splits Athens into 10 tribes. Cleisthenes
Great leader of Athens during the Golden Age Pericles
Uses Delian League money to build the Parthenon in Athens Pericles
Peasants/slaves in Sparta Helots
Standing armies that could afford their own weapons Hoplites
Stories with gods, used to help explain, nature, human condition, and asking gods for benefits. Myths
Ways in which gods converse with humans Oracles
King of the gods Zeus
Queen of the gods Hera
Goddess of war and wisdom Athena
Goddess of hunting and the moon Artemis
God of music, poetry, and light Apollo
Goddess of love Aphrodite
Epic of the Trojan War Iliad
Epic of King Odysseus returning home after the Trojan War The Odyssey
Athens and Sparta team up to defeat the Persians Persian War
Athens vs. Sparta Peloponnesian War
Delian League vs. Peloponnesian League Peloponnesian War
Great time of Greek cultural advancement during the 400s BC Golden Age
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