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Age of Exploration

Treaty of Tordesilla 1494 agreement between Portugal and Spain that divided their New World land claims.
Dutch East India Company Company established to direct trade is Asia. Could mint money, make treaties, & even raise an army.
Ming Dynasty Chinese dynasty that ruled from 1368-1644.
Manchus Invaders from north of China who invaded & caused the Ming dynasty to collapse.
Qing Dynasty Dynasty begun by the Manchus. Ruled China for more than 260 years.
Colony Lands controlled by another nation.
Conquistador Spanish conqueror.
Mestizo Mixed Spanish & Native American population.
Encomienda Forced Native American labor by the Spanish.
Pilgrims English colonizers who established English colony of Plymouth in 1620 after leaving England for being persecuted for their beliefs.
Puritans English group seeking religious freedom from England's Anglican church. Sought to build model Christian community in the Americas.
New Netherlands Dutch land holdings established in 1621 in North America meant to be a colony for fur trading.
Jamestown Colony established by the British in 1607. Named after King James.
New France Colony established by French traders in North America in 1608.
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