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what common characteristics links most countries common religion
what seas border Southwest Asia Mediterranean,Red,& Arabian Sea
this region has the largest/lowest physical features lowest-Dead Sea highest-Arabian Peninsula & Caspian Sea
What are the largest countries in the area? In population? In highest GDP? largest-Kazakhstan population-Pakistan GDP-UAE
what do the five "stan" countries have in common subregions
which country is the world's only Jewish nation Israel
what are the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam
what city is the holy city of all three religions Israel
what two resources have the most impact on this region oil and water
what is the most common vegetation in the region desert scrub
what physical feature covers most of eastern countries hindu kush mtns.
whats the most common land use in five "stan" countries livestock raising
what climate is found in most of the countries on the Arabian Peninsula arid
examples of renewable and nonrenewable resources renewable- solar energy non-renewable- coal
how is oil made oil is made with tiny plants and animals that dies in the oceans millions of years ago
where is most of the oil found in this region Persian Gulf
what is HDI Human Development Index which is a Development Indicator which helps rank countries
what are the goals of OPEC have a steady supply of oil flowing out and money flowing into their countries
what caused the Persian Gulf War Iraq's leader tried to take over Kuwait's oil
what is the main cause of the shrinking water from the rivers flowing to it has been diverted for irrigation
what are the results of environmental degradation dead fish, people's health, people leaving to finding jobs, cotton production
how did salinization affect the fish in the Aral Sea fish have died
which crop contributed to the shrinking cotton
what are the results of people living around the Aral Sea their health problems have been bad
which countries are densely populated Pakistan and Uzbekistan
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