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Sheikh The ruler of an arabic tribe, chosen from one of the leading families chosen by an elder.
Makkah An important city to the Arabs for religious and social purposes.
Revelation Divine message or truth.
Five Pillars of Islam Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage.
Jihad Struggle in the way of God.
Mosque Muslim house of worship.
Bazaar A covered market in Islamic cities.
Dowry In Islamic society, by a husband to his wife (to buy a wife).
Astrolabe A navigational compass based on the position of the stars.
Minaret The tower of a mosque from which the muezzin cries out faithful prayers five times a day.
Muezzin The crier who calls the Muslim faithful prayer from the minaret in a mosque.
Arabesque Geometric patterns repeated over and over to completely cover a surface with decoration.
Mid climate in the North, Sahara and Kalahari dessert, Rain forest, Savannas Africa's 4 climate zones
Savanna broad grassland dotted with small trees and shrubs.
Arabs Nomadic people who lived on the Arabian Peninsula.
Quran Holy book of Islam.
Islam Peace through submission to the will of Allah.
Hijra Muhammad's journey from Makkah to Madina.
Shari'ah Regulated the daily life of Muslims.
Battle of Tours A war that ended the expansion of Islam into Europe.
The Great Mosque of Sāmarrā One the world's largest mosques.
Mid climate in the North, Sahara and Kalahari desert, Rain forest, Savanna. Africa's four distinct climate zones
Axum Located in what is now Ethiopia, conquered Kush.
Lineage group Extended families that lived in large communities.
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