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Chapter 9 Reading

reading words from chapter 9

calc- calcium
calcic pertaining to calcium
calemia abnormal large amount of calcium in the blood
calcan the heel bone
calcare- various chemical compounds containing calcium; such as lim and chalky substances
calcarerous chalky
chiropractic methold of treating disease by manipulation
cineradiography the making of motion picture records of images produced by X-rays
kine- movement
kinemia movement of the blood from the heart
-kinesia abnormal movement
kinet- moveable
kinetism the ability to perform or begin muscular motion
collagen the gelantinlike or sticky stubstance of skin, bone, cartilage, and connective tissue
collagenous forming or producing collagen
cutaneous the skin
dysentery abnormal disorders, marked by; inflammation of the intestines; pain int eh abdomen; cramp; bowel movement containing blood and mucus
dyspepsia indigestion
enostosis an abnormal bony growth
empathy "feeling within"
emplastic constipating medicine
ganglion a normal mass of nerve cells outside fo the brain and spinal column
geminus , gemini a twin , twins
digitograde walking on toes
granuloplastic forming granules
labium a fleshy border or edge
laterality a tendency ot use the organs of the same side
mamill nipples, nipple like structure
mamogram x-ray of the breast
micropsia condition which objects are seen smaller than they usually are
micropsychia feeble-minded
periosteoma a morbid bony growth surrounding a bone
-phobia abnormal fear to the object indicated
prolapse displacment
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