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OSHA requires the use of sharps containers, PPE, Universal precautions
Sharps Containers are for the disposal of used scalpels,lancets, needles, other sharp items (also called contaminated sharps)
PPE necessary whenever dealing with blood or body fluids
Universal Precautions overall approach to infection control
All medical facilities require an ___________ ___________ ___________. exposure control plan
Human exposure contact with blood, or body fluids, non contact skin, etc.
Occupational Exposure reasonable anticipated skin eye, mucous membrane or parenteral contact with blood, OPIM, that may result from the performance of an employee's duties.
If exposed an ___________ ________ __________ done, and ___________ __________ by employer is done. exposure incident report and serological testing
Source Individual source of occupational exposure to employee
Blood borne - HIV, HBV - should be vaccinated with HBV
Bio-bags and labels are __________ - _________ in color Orange - Red
Bio-bags are used for ... anything contaminated with blood, including shoe coverings, gloves, gowns, etc.
OPIM Other Potentially Infected Materials (other than blood, usually body fluids)
Sanitization washing and scrubbing equipment with detergent to remove blood, body fluids and tissue is called
Disinfection process of using chemicals to kill microorganisms
Sterilization process that destroys all forms of living organisms
___________ _____________ is bagged at the location. Contaminated laundry
Maintenance Log routine maintenance is performed everyday or by regular check ups etc, and a log is kept. Equipment is checked for frayed cords, anything broken, that all is working.
EPA - approves germicides to clean up _________ _________. Can also use 1:10 _________ _________. blood spills bleach solution
EKG Measures the electrical activity of the heart. Measures time and voltage.
How much time in small square and large square? small .04 sec large .20 sec
Waves P,Q,R,S,T - which ones are positive, which ones are negative PRT - positive QS - Negative
Vectors toward a positive pole - upward deflection, away from a positive pole - negative deflection
Before placing all 10 electrodes you must ... skin prep (clean, smooth & dry)
if placed to close, ___________ is small amplitude
What does the P wave represent? atrial depolarization, and is not greater than .11 sec
what does QRS complex represent? ventricular depolarization - less than .12 sec (pacemaker is superaventricular)
Ventricular depolarization produces and electoral force or vector with what 2 components? 1. Magnitude or force 2. Direction or shape
What is important about the ST-segment? shift up or down from the baseline (ischemia/infraction)
Rate calculations Counting intervals between complexes is unreliable or irregular rhythms.
Rhythm is ________ __________ when there are no variations in the R-R intervals absolutely regular
If the heart rhythm is abnormal arrhythmia
Sinus Arrest absence of one or more complete cardiac cycles
V-Fib rapid irregular chaotic, bizzare waves
Uniform PVC's same configuration (unifocal)
Life threatening PVC's fall on t-waves, occur I pairs, runs of 3 or more, multiform (multifocal)
Conversion of a dysrhythmia to normal rhythm - by applying electrical shock - ____________ defibrillation
Agonal terminal, lethal dysrhythmia - dying heart
Diuretic causes urination, increase urinary output
Decongestant decrease congestion
Anticoagulant prevents blood from clotting
appetite suppressor controls appetite
Antacid neutralizes acid
Tranquilizer reduces anxiety
Hypnotic produces sleep
Anti-inflammatory suppress inflammation ex. hydrocortisone
Antitussive relieves cough
Diuretic causes urination, increase urinary output
Decongestant decreased congestion
Anticoagulant prevents blood from clotting
Appetite suppressor controls appetite
Antacid neutralizes acid
Tranquilizer reduces anxiety
Hypnotic produces sleep
Anti-inflammatory suppress inflammation - ex: hydrocortisone
Antitussive relieves cough
Mydriatic drops dilate pupils
Nitroglycerin used to treat angina pectoris
Emulsion mixture of droplets of oil in water
Transdermal patch or disc
PRN as needed
Oint/ung ointment
TID 3x per day
NPO nothing by mouth
Supp suppository
Elix elixer
Fl or fld fluid
Expiration date date on medication bottle that provides a "use until date"
.2g = ____ mg 400
2/10th = 200 ___ 1000
500mg to pt, 250mg on hand, how many tabs to pt? 2
50 mg to pt, 100mg/ml on hand, how many cc's to pt? (ml=cc) .5cc
Narcotics license DEA on 6/30 every year to register. All Rx for controlled substances require MD signature ad DEA registration#. Need or this license to dispense, or administer a controlled substance.
PDR Pink section - find brand or generic names, can locate medication by either their generic, manufacturer or classification.
1000mg in ____ ____ one gram
Atrophy decrease in size or wasting away
Supination turning of the palms forward
Cell basic unit of body structure
tissue group of related cells
menarche onset of menstruation
menopause the cessation of menstruation
-emia = _______ blood
Spirometry measuring lung function, specifically the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Spirometry is an important tool used for generating pneumotachographs, which are helpful in assessing conditions
HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996,
CLIA waved tests - must perform quality control test with every new kit& routinely thereafter
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Viruses need living cells to reproduce
Quadriplegia, paraplegia, hemiplegia paralyzed all 4 limbs, paralysis of the lower part of the body, is paralysis of the arm, leg, and trunk on the same side of the body
closed fracture is a broken bone when the skin over the fracture site is in tact.
Anerobic absence of oxygen,
HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
Catherization passage of a catheter into a body channel or cavity
abbrev for right ear AD
abbrev for left ear AS
abbrev for both ears Au
purchase order
Admissons review
Assignment of benefits dr gets directly paid from insurance company
non-verbal communication
Full Block Letter Everything lines up on the left margin
Vitals normal value's for Temp, Pulse Resp & BP
Temp difference between heat produced and lost
Pulse measures force, rate & rhythm
What are the pulse points apical, carotoid, radical, brachial, etc
when do you use apical? infants
When do you use carotoid? CPR
When do you use radial? pulse
When do you use Brachial? measure BP
What is stertorous respiration? Heaving snoring or gasping sounds
Tachypnea means? fast or rapid breathing
BP - 1st sound recorded is __________, also time of greatest pressure. Systolic
BP- Last sound recorded is __________, time of lowest pressure. Diastolic
Do not take ________ on arm w/IV,cast or side of breast surgery. BP
What are the patient positions? knee chest, lithotomy, supine, dorsal recumbent etc
When do you use knee chest position? position used for sigmoidoscopy, pt is resting on forearms and buttocks is elevated upward with back straight.
When do you use lithotomy position? position used at OB/GYN, specular insertion, female catherization: pt is on back, buttocks at the edge of table, feet are placed on stirrups
When do you use supine position? examination of the breast and abd organs;pt is lying flat on back
when do you use dorsal recumbent position can be used for digital examination of rectum or vagina; pt is lying on back with knees bent, allows abd muscles to relax
What is an otoscope? device for examining ear
What is an ophthalmoscope? instrument to view the eye
Visual Acuity is? 20/20
What does the top number of 20/20 stand for? distance between the pt and the chart.
What does the bottom number 0f 20/20 stand for? distance pt can see the chart
_________ can be administered by using a tent, cannula or catheter. It uses a regular and flow meter, and measured in liters p/min. Oxygen
Head injury of symptoms are _______, ______, and ________ . vomiting, confusion & headache
Admin of meds by buccal method means? between teeth and gums
Admin of meds by intradermal method means? use a TB Syringe, form a wheel
When mixing regents always check the label ________. twice
Reflex is an __________ __________. involuntary movemnet
Autoclave is __________ by steam under pressure and uses ___________ _________ only Sterilization distilled water
Quality Control plans are what? offers a method for ensuring products, services or employees have reached a specific standard.
What is required for GTT prep? fasting/ no smoking/ no alcoholic beverages for 10 hours prior timed test.
UA is ___ hour testing and must be ___________. 24 refrigerated
Fresh Fractional urine Specimen is collected at a __________ time and tested for ______/& or __________. Specific sugar &/or acetone.
Clean catch urine specimen is also called ______-________ & ____ _________ _________. clean-voided mid stream specimens
order of draw Yellow, blue, red, green, lavender, gray
Yellow Blood cultures, SPS(sodium polyanethol sulfonate)
Blue PT/PTT/INR, sodium citrate
green ammonia; pH; O2 level; carboxyhemoglobin ;sodium heparin
red ,silicone coated(Glass) silicone coated and clot activator(plastic)
Lavender CBC; sed rate(ESR);EDTA
gray Glucose studies; lactic acid ;Potassium oxylate-anticoagulant Sodium fluoride- antiglycolytic
this schedule of drugs ae not recognized to have any medicianl purpose in the US schedule I
this schedule of drugs must have a written prescription with the providers signature schedule II
this schedule of drugs may be written or phoned in for the prescription schedule III
this schedule of drugs may be refilled up to five times in six months schedule IV
this schedule of drugs may no require a written prescription in some states schedule V
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