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Theology Exam

Page 3 and Page 4

What are the consequences of God's punishments for the snake, woman and man? The snake who could communicate with the woman must crawl The woman original companion to the man, is now "ruled' by him;childbearing hurts. The man relation to the woman is changed and his relationship to the ground is difficult
What are three reasons for punishment To teach a lesson, to prevent evil, to bring justice
Why is "teachings a lesson" for punishment a good thing? The one who is punished learns something about themselves and is lead to virtue
Why is "preventing evil" for punishment a good thing? The threat of punishment creates an awareness that doing the good is preferable
Why is "To bring justice" for punishment a good thing? The injustice done in the evil is brought back into "balance" through a punishment
What are the aspects of the relationship between God and evil, according to Genesis 3? God is good, no sign of evil. Evil does have a kind of existence (not specified) Evil seems to blossom from our wrong choses, temptation is NOT from God , God seeks to protect us
Why did God ask Abraham to kill Isaac? To prove his faith, God wanted Abraham to discover his own faith, To show that he did not want Child sacrifice, To direct us to Christ
Why is the story of the sacrifice of Isaac can be a called a "Binding"? Abraham binds Isaac on the alter. Abraham completely bound to God. Isaac too is fully obedient, following the covenant. God is bound to Abraham, God pledges himself "by my very self"
What are four ways that the story of "the binding" of Isaac resemble the story of Christ? 1. He is willing to die for his faith/father 2. He is entirely obedient and does not resist 3. Isaac carries the wood, like Jesus carries the cross (the means of his own execution) 4. God provides the sacrifice: He provides Isaac, and the lamb and his son
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