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Theology Exam

Mysteries and additional terms

First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation- It is the announcement and prophecy of birth of Jesus to Mary
Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation- It is Mary's visit to Elizabeth: culmination of prophecy in John
Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity- It is the birth of Jesus- God takes the flesh in our world
Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation- It is when Jesus was "presented" at temple: 40 days after birth, according to Jewish custom (a clear link to his family's Jewish practice) and is a reference to God's saving work
Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding in the Temple- Jesus was left in Jerusalem and found three days later in the temple, there is a divine focus and a difficult relation of human and divine
First Luminous Mystery The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordon- Recalls Jesus submission to John's baptism, and the revelation from the Father associated with it
Second Luminous Mystery The Wedding at Cana- Recalls the "first sign" of Jesus in changing the water into wine after the wedding party had run out
Third Luminous Mystery Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God- Recalls Jesus entry into the synagogue in Nazareth to announce Himself as the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy
Fourth Luminous Mystery The Transfiguration- Recalls the intense revelation of Jesus to His closest disciples, as His face and clothing become amazingly transformed in a way of Moses and Elijah(law and prophets)
Fifth Luminous Mystery The Institution of the Eucharist- Recalls the Last Supper and the inauguration of the new covenant in His body and blood
Pharisees Teachers of law in ancient Judaism, criticized by Jesus; not based in temple, survived by destruction of temple in 70 A.D
Sadducees temple-based priestly leaders of ancient Judaism
Sanhedrin ruling council of ancient Judaism; highest authority in Jewish government
Gehenna ancient Jewish version of hell; kind of wasteland od souls
Jars of purification or "ceremonial washing" Mentioned in Cana miracle, held water for Jewish purification rites
Transfiguration Moment when Jesus is transformed by power od God; his face and clothes become radiant; Elijah and Moses are present
Christology The study of Christ, trying to understand who he is, his relation to God and to us
Mariology The study of Mary, trying to understand who she is, her nature, her relation to God and us
Revelation The truth revealed by God; given by God directly to us
Inspiration The spirit of God is at work in it and through it
Petition A request, as in a prayer of request
Magisterium The teaching authority of Church (centered in Rome for Catholics)
Apostolic Something that is passed on from, linked directly to the apostles of Christ; Catholics believe this of a genuine Christian teaching
The Double Commandment Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind; love neighbor as self
Kaddish Ancient Jewish prayer, closely resembles Lord's prayer in part
Abba Jesus uses this for God: respectful, familiar "Father"
Hallowed Holy, sacred
Pater Noster "Our Father"(in Latin)
Concubine A secondary wife
Pithom and Raamses Storage garrison city built by the Hebrews for Pharaoh
Bara Hebrew verb "to create" which is only used in the Bible for an action God can do
Ex Nihilo "from nothing"- a Latin phrase used to express the act of creation by God
Tohu webohu Hebrew phrase translated as "without form and void": the nothingness from which God creates
adamah Hebrew for "dust" or "ground": Adam is made from it
Type A prefiguration, something having the same basic characteristics of some other thing (OT events pointing to Christ, in Christian theology)
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