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How did an African kinship develop into a kingdom? By getting a lot of money from taxing traders and expanding land
?who controlled trade in Africa and what was traded? The king controlled trade and they traded salt,gold,and slaves.
Why were griots important? Because they were the ones that passed down history
Define Kinship people related by blood or mairrafe
Define Labor specialization Focusing on specific types of work
Define Griot People who passed down history through song and dance.
describe three vegetation zones in Africa? Savannah:grassland in tropical region,Rain forest:dense vegetation,Desert:used for trade routes
Name three vegetation zones in Africa Rain forest,Desert,Savannah
Why was the Niger river so important? Because the king taxed traders and then they became wealthy
Why did North Africa trade salt for gold and why did west Africa trade gold for salt? Because they didn't feel like walking and they need it for the kingdom
Why were Camels important for trans-Sahara trade? Because they were transportation on how you got across
What are the kings of Ghana roles in the salt and gold trade? To collect the taxes and tax traders
How did the Berbers of north Africa influence the people of west Africa? BY bringing islam
Define Trans-Saharan trade across the Sahara
Define Berbers People who traded in groups
Define Savannah grassland in a tropical region
Who founded the Mali Empire? Sundiata
Describe the city of Timbuktu Becomes center of Islamic Scholarship
What were the results of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage? they were good because he attracted people
What was Capital of Mali empire? Timbuktu
How did The Sunni,Ali,And the Songhai took control over west Africa? Songhai: getting back independence,Sunni Ali:Became ruler of the Songhai Empire
List three achievements about the government of Askia Muhammad? organizing government,Appointed directors of finance,agriculture,army,and navy,Set up an organized tax system
List three factors that led to the decline of the Songhai Empire? Morocco army raided Songhai salt mines,ruler was weak,Moroccan forces captured Timbuktu and Gao
Define Sundiata Founded Mali Empire
Define Timbuktu became center of Islamic scholarship
Define Mansa Musa Mansa means king and musa means moses so king moses
Why did the Kongo People move and settled near the Kongo? Because of fertile soil,iron and copper ore
Why did king Afonso trade with Portugal? Because they had guns and horse
List three ways that king afonso changed the kingdom to European style? Made roman Catholicism official religion,Sao Salvador was mbanzas new name,and wore western style clothing
why did king afonso cut trade off with Portugal? the slave demand was too high and he was losing population
what were the results of trade with Portugal? Kongo was attacked and fell
Define Missionary sent to do religious work
Define Roman Catholicism practicing roman Catholicism
Define Trans Atlantic Slave trade trading slaves across the ocean
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