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Ch 17

World History

Renaissance period between 1300-1600 of learning and art
humanism study of Human potential and achievements
secular worldly, concerned with here and now
patron supporters
perspective technique that indicates three dimensions
vernacular native language
Utopia Greek for “no place”
printing press machine that presses paper against a full tray of inked movable type
Gutenberg Bible first full-sized book printed with movable type
indulgence ”pardon” to Heaven
Reformation movement for religious reform
Lutheran separate religious group formed by Martin Luther
Protestant Christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches
Peace of Augsburg truce with Catholicism vs. Protestants
annul set aside
Anglican Church of England
predestination belief that God has chosen only a handful of people to be saved
Calvinism religion based on Calvin’s teachings
theocracy gov controlled by religious leaders
Presbyterian followers of Knox
Anabaptist believed that someone should be old enough to decide if they want to be baptized or not
Catholic Reformation— movement of loyal Catholics who tried to reform the Church
Jesuits— elite missionaries
Council of Trent— call bishops and priests to reform the Catholic Church 1545-1563
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