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Fall of Rome

Political No peaceful way to replace emperors.
Economic Inflation caused by constant devaluation of coins and rapidly rising prices.
Social -Rich controlled 90% of the wealth
Military Hired non-Romans for the Army
Environmental Lead poisoning from water pipes & goblets/dishes etc.
Political Defensive/isolationist mentality. (isolated from other countries)
Economic Heavy taxation to pay for the military and public infrastructure.
Social Middle class shrunk to virtual non-existence.
Military Barbarian invasions, 300+ years of constant pressure from ever larger barbarian tribes.
Environmental Erosion due to over farming and deforestation.
Political -Citizens became more concerned about their life style and luxuries than involved in the workings of their government.
Economic lack of gold and silver
Social Huge uneducated poor class felt little support for the state.
Military Expensive military, eventually over 50% of the Imperial expenses.
Environmental Overcrowded cities.
Political Massive bureaucracy/government
Economic Negative balance of trade, especially for animals, slaves, silk & spices
Social Poor class reduced to surviving on public welfare.
Military Generals become the main contenders for the throne often taking their armies from the frontier defenses as they marched on Rome
environmental Pandemic Plagues from the East
Political Failed to complete the conquest of Germany
Economic -Huge public welfare expenses
Social Imperial Military and Civil Service became the number one employers
Military Quality and loyalty of soldiers declined.
Created by: lilly gaven