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AP World Unit 2

What did Confucius teach? to be nice to people/ unequal relationships/ moral example by leaders is key
What is Hinduism? bunch of different subsets of the same religion
What are Helots? conquered people in Sparta who lived under slavelike conditions
How does one remember the order of Greek philosophers? SPAA- Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander
Who were the patricians? wealthy, dominant Romans
What happened to Alexander's kingdom after he died? split into three kingdoms, one for each of his generals
What is patriarchy? men domination over women
In what ways do empires collapse? corruption, larger taxes to the poor, over expansion, invaders, war,uprisings, etc
Classical Eurasian empires? Persia, Greece, Rome, Qin/Han, Mauryan/Gupta
Two main Indian empires Mauryan and Gupta
Where did sugar originate? New Guinea
What is filial piety? the honoring of one's ancestors
Brahmins were the priestly caste of India
Legalism must be associated with Han Feizi
main aspect of Legalism? people suck/ strict/ based on rewards and punishments
Confucianism is associated with Confucius
Moksha is the release from the endless cycle of death/rebirth
Brahmin is in the Hindu belief, the world's soul; connecting with this guy is the key
Zoroastrianism started in Persia
Zoroastrianism mainly influenced Judaism and Islam
what is the difference between Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism? Mahayana: become a monk or nun; not really a religion Theravada: heaven, hell ,gods; total religion
Why did Buddhism decline in India? monastaries focused on wealth, Islam stole Buddhists, new Mahayana Hinduism
Am I awesome? You are the awesomest person to ever have existed.
You can call me Pollyanna, say I'm crazy as a loon I believe in silver linings, and that's why I believe in you
What religious path was becoming increasingly popular in India? Bhakti; Vishnu (protector) and Shiva (destroyer)
wAS jESUS RICH? not even close
Who was Buddha before he became enlightened? a prince`
What did Jesus teach? you must be devoted to god
What did Buddha teach? to end suffering, must work really hard for yourself/ dont attach yoself to earthly things, you lil maggots
how done are you with this? I am so frecking done.
Why did the Greeks abandon their religion? gods are unpredictable and dumb
What classical era traditions have changed? slavery, monarchies, patriarchy, treatment of untouchables (thanks Ghandi)
Who were the untouchables? lowest "caste" in India; considered impure. do not communicate with these people
history yep
:33< *ac pawses furr a moment, stroking her chin with a single, sharpened claw* :33< *she says* yep, this sure is a load of bullcrapping
Tell me about the Chinese dynasties. Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Suey, Tang, Sung, meh meh
the page still hasn't loaded entirely much slow. very lag. wow.
What two religions moved from their place of origin? Buddhism and Christianity
When Alexander took Egypt, he was named Pharaoh
What happened when empires fell? the opposite of what made them grow
Which includes? decline of urban life, population decline, trade reduction, insecurity
What is the Vedas? earliest Hindu text
What is the Upanishads? text for new Hinduism/ Indian texts
Atman is the human soul (Hindu belief)
What was the Buddha's real name? Siddhartha Gautama
What is the Buddhist version of moksha? Nirvana
why does the spellchack want to change moksha to mohawk? the world may never know
Bhagavad Gita Hindu text, part of Mahabharata; says caste duties serve as path to liberation
Zarathrusta was the Persian guy who founded Zoroastrianism
Thales was a Greek philosopher who is known for questioning the fundamental law of the universe (astronomy)
Hippocrates fathered medicine
Christianity grew because of Saint Paul (converted from Judaism)
What was the difference between early Hinduism and Buddhism? for Buddhism, caste doesnt matter/ anyone can gain enlightenment
Karma is the belief that what you do now will impact your next life
no one likes being on earth must get to Brahman
Judaism was heavily influenced by Zoroastrianism
Christianity was heavily influenced by Judaism
religions, man yeah
what is the first monotheistic religion we know of? Zoroastrianism
similarities between Christianity and Zoroastrianism good god/bad god, last judgement, resurrection, final war against evil with good winning, sacred messiah
how did Jesus die? execution
how did both Jesus and Buddha feel about wealth? believed it made you a less complete person
did these two want to start religions? no. only to spread the truth they thought they saw
were Jesus and Buddha originally gods in their respective religions? no. followers eventually saw them as such
why did all these religions crop up around the same time? new technologies, empires, cities, more contact with others
where did Mandate of Heaven originate? the Zhou dynasty
what was Confucius' book? the Analects
of course patriarchy i hate patriarchy
the rich in China saw Daoism and Confucianism as complementary
everyone else saw them as opposites
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i hate flashcards hrrmm
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now just what ARE Eunuchs? castrated court officials; very loyal to emporer
this is boring i know
who began thew Chinese Civil Service Exam? Wudi
what is CE Common Era
what is BCE Before Common Era
who wrote Daodejing? Laozi
what was the main characteristics of Wudi's civil service exam? meritocracy/ based on merits
how did people become slaves? POW's, reproduction, piracy, orphans
what was slavery NOT based on? race
how did slaves rebel? mass suicide, theft, sabotage, poor work, uprisings
who led the largest rebellion until Haiti in 1790's? Spartacus
why was Sparta better for women than Athens? allowed more freedoms, no public roles, revered as creators of warriors,sporting events (healthy woman, healthy baby), married men their age, head of household
how did Athens see woman? restricted from public life, must have guardian in court, stay home, married men much older than them, couldnt inherit land
how did Sparta solve problem of threat from Helots? always be ready to fight, start training boys at 7 to 30 years of age, every man was a warrior
my back hurts stop complaining tori
Greco-Persian War: who won? Greeks
Created by: 1314toriphillips