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Chapateeer, FIVE5555

Ya gotta roll with it, youve gotta take your time.........

What is filial piety? Honoring of one's ancestor's/parents
What religion is filial piety a key element of? Confuscianism
What are the earliest Indian religious texts? The Vedas
When were the Upanishads written? Between 800 and 400 BCE
What is Brahman? The "World Soul"
What is Atman? The "Human Soul"
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
What is the "end goal" of Buddhism? Nirvana
What was the Bhagavad Gita? A great Hindu epic text
Who was the founder of Zoroastrianism? Zarathustra
What is another name for Zarathustra? Zoraster
Who was the first great Greek philosopher? Socrates
What was Socrates the first to do? Turn Rationalism toward questions of human existence
Where was Thales from? Greece, he was a philosopher
What was Thales noted for? Astronomy and nature of the universe
What subject was Pythagoras known for studying? Mathematics
What theorem is Pythagoras known for? Pythagorean Theorem
Who is regarded as the father of medicine? Hippocrates
Who wrote "Dialogues"? Plato
Whose teachings does Dialogues convey? Socrates
Who was Plato's teacher? Socrates.
Who was Aristotle's teacher? Plato
Who was Alexander's teacher? Aristotle
Who was the first great popullizer of Christianity? St. Paul
What religion was Paul converted from? Judaism
Where was Paul headed when he was converted to Christianity? Damascus
Who is legalism associated with? Han Feizi
In what book were Confucius' teachings documented in? The Analects
What was different about Legalism and Confucianism? Rather than punishments, Confucianism saw moral example as key
How many basic relationships are there according to Confucianism? 5
Who founded Daoism? Laozi
What was Laozi the author of? The Daodejing
What does "Daodejing" mean? "The Way and Its Power"
What religion/ideology is opposite of Daoism? Confucianism
What were Daoism's thoughts on education? Don't worry about it, work to improve yourself from the inside.
Why is Confucianism defined as a "humanistic philosophy" rather than a "religion"? Confucianism deals with the "here and now", not the supernatural.
Did Confucius deny spirituality? No
Who was the founder of Hinduism? There was no founder.
Where does the word Hinduism come from? Outsiders, who used it to define all the different gods and beliefs.
What system was Hinduism based on? Caste
What is the Atman a part of? The Brahman
What is the final goal for Hinduism? To unite with Brahman- moksha
Around what time was Siddhartha Gautama? 500 BCE
What is Theravada considered? "Old Buddhism"
What is Mahayana Buddhism considered? New Buddhism
Why did Buddhism decline in India? Monasteries became rich and focused on wealth
How did Buddhism affect Hinduism's change? Hinduism lost some followers to Buddhism
What were the 2 most popular Hindu gods? Vishnu- the protector Shiva- the destroyer
What happened in the end of the world if you sided with Ahura Mazda? You received eternal paradise.
What happened in the end of the world if you sided with Angra Mainyu? Eternal punishment.
Created by: 16alespr