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chapter 2; The normal Electrocardiogram

During ________ _______ there is a refractory period where the myocardial cells can not be stimulated Relaxation phase
Cells can NOT be stimulated AT ALL Absolute Refractory
Cells can be stimulated, BUT w/o the desired effect relative refractory
Records electrical activity of the heart ECG or EKG
The fact that the myocardial cells can depolarize and repolarize Action potential
the pathway of electrical activity Vector
electricity always runs from a ______ pole to a ________ pole negative, positive
Normal depolarization of the heart is from the upper right to the lower left
Name parts of the ECG machine 1.Galvanometer 2.electrodes 3.Lead wires 4.Stilus 5.paper
changes electrical activity into mechanical motion Galvanometer
have a electrolyte gel for better conduction of electricity Electrodes
connect electrodes to ECG machine Lead wires
Writing arm and uses heat not ink Stilus
is heat sensitive paper
the boxes on the ECG paper horizontal = time
normal paper speed is 25mm/second
Each small square speed = 0.04 seconds
each large square speed = 0.20 seconds
the boxes on ECG paper vertical measure voltage
each small square measures voltage = .1mV
each large square measure voltage = .5mV
which box is outlined darker large box
Normal Standardization (voltage) 10mm
this line represents balance in electrical changes (polarized) Base line
base line AKA Isoelectric line
any deflection off the baseline Wave
Wave can be positive if ______ and negative if_______ upward and downward
How many waves in one normal heart beat 5
what are the 5 wave letters p,q,r,s,t
P wave = atrial depolarization
Q wave = BOH
R wave = R&L bundle braches
S wave = Purkinje fibers
The Q, R, S complex wave = ventricular depolarization
T wave = Ventricular repolarization
group of related waves complex
Time or line between 2 waves = segment
A wave combined with a segment = Interval
PRI = Total atrial activity
STI = Repolarization/Refractory
QTI = Total ventricular Activity (both ventricular depolarization and Repolarization)
U wave Raley seen, pt. recovering from CHF or low serum K+ levels
Represents the AV node holding the impulse P-R Segment
Very important in determining myocardial Ischemia and or infarction, Hypocalcemia, S-T segment
for heart rate calculation you need how many seconds or how many large boxes 6 seconds or 30 large boxes
Count the "_" wave in a 6 second strip and ___ by ___. (It is the least accurate) R, multiple by 10
Count the ______ boxes between __ "R" waves and ____ into 300 large, 2 and divide
Count the ____ boxes between 2 "R" waves and divide into _____. (most accurate) small boxes, 1500
Created by: bpstears