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THE LAST of Chapter7


How far away were Chavin temples copied? 3 weeks away by llama.
What was the main Chavin city? Chavin de Huantar
What did the Chavin use to hallucinate? Cacti B)
Did Chavin become an empire? No.
Where was the Moche civ located in present day? Peru's northern coast.
How long did the Moche last? From 100CE to 800CE
By whom were the Moche ruled? Warrior-priests
Where did the Moche warrior-priests live? On top of pyramids.
What two things were the warrior priests known for? Human sacrifices and hallucinogens
What 3 objects were the Moche known to make? Metalworking, pottery, and painting.
Was metallurgy by the Moche the first use of it in the Americas? Yes, it was.
What 2 main ways were the Ancestral Pueblo and the Mound Builders similar to each other? Both had long-distance trade, and both created structures to observe the sun and moon.
Where did the Ancestral Pueblo and Mound Builders obtain maize from? Mesoamerica.
What name for the Ancestral Pueblo is now considered politically incorrect? Anasazi.
What were pueblos? Pit houses which were dug out several feet below the ground outside.
What city was the center for turquoise production? Chaco.
How did the Eastern Woodlands and Mississippi River Valley obtain ag.? They had their own independent ag. revolutions.
What was the purpose of Hopewell mounds? Burial, and some to predict eclipses by aligning to the moon.
What present day city was Cahokia near? St. Louis.
How long did Cahokia last? From 900CE-1250CE
What were Cahokian chiefs called? Great Suns
What was the largest structure north of Mexico at this time? Cahokia's central mound.
How many people lived in Cahokia roughly? 10,000 people.
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