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Race and Ethnicity

A sense of belonging--who you are identity
Physical characteristics resulting from minor genetic variations among human populations. race
identity with a group of people who share the cultural traditions of a particular homeland or hearth ethnicity
evaluating other cultures according to the standards of one's own culture ethnocentrism
the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities; often leads to the assumption that one race is better than others racism
Identity based on loyalty and attachment to a particular country nationality
loyalty and devotion to a nationality nationalism
the acceptance and celebration of many different cultural and/or ethnic traditions within one nationality multiculturalism
the suppression of ethnic traditions in favor of the majority culture assimilation
country that controls Tibet today China
exiled leader of Tibet whose portrait is not allowed there today The Dalai Lama
greater loyalty to a particular ethnic group within a country than to the country itself ethnic nationalism
loyalty to a country rather than a particular ethnic group within the country political nationalism
term used to describe someone who traces their origins to a Spanish-speaking country Hispanic
ethnic group that is concentrated in the southeast and in northern cities African Americans
State with the highest concentration of Asians Hawaii
the Four Corners region of the United States is home to a significant number of people identifying with this ethnicity Native American
Hispanics are clustered in this region of the US southwest
the two major factors driving clustering of ethnic groups in certain neighborhoods kinship links and availability of services tailored to a particular ethnicity
the highest concentrations of African Americans in the south are found in areas where this was once practiced plantation agriculture
system of farming in which farmers rent land and give landlords a part of their crop as payment sharecropping
a major reason why sharecropping declined during the first few decades of the 20th century farm machinery
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