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GRHS WH1 Greece

Ancient Greence

Where was Ancient Greece located? between the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas
Greece had easy access to what 2 important regions? Fertile Crescent and Egypt
Greece's ?????? made it ideal for trade and culture diffusion location
What caused Greece to depend on sea trade and resulted in the development of city states? Mountainous terrain
What is the rich collection of stories about Greek gods and goddesses called? Greek Mythlogy
What mysteries were explained by Greek myths? Natural phenomenas
Who was the Chief God? Zeus
Who was the GOD of the Sun? Apollo
Who was Aphrodite? The Goddess of Love
Who was Hera? The Goddess of Marriage
Who was the goddess of the hunt and moon? Artemis
Who was the goddess of wisdom? Athena
What eased overcrowding on the mainland? Colonies
What did Greek city states trade for grain? wine and olives
Greek trade led to the spread of the ????? culture Hellenic
A ????? was a Greek city state that demanded intense loyalty polis
Free adult males that had political rights were called ????? Citizens
Free women and foreigners had no ????? ????? Political rights
Slaves with no rights were considered ?????? Non citizens
Citizens were expected to participate in civic matters which led to beginning of modern ????? democracy
Government system ruled by one person who inherited his/her power is called a ????? Monarchy
Government system ruled by a small group of nobles is called an ????? Aristocracy
Government system ruled by one person that seized power by force is called a ????? Tyranny
Government system ruled by an assembly in which citizens vote is called a ????? Democracy
What Athen's tyrant developed written laws with severe punishments Draco
Who expanded participation in the assembly which improved the legal system? Solon
Which war united Sparta and Athens against a common enemy? Persian
The beginning of the Golden Age of Athens was the result of the defeat of the ????? Persians
The Golden Age of Athens is also known as the Age of Pericles Pericles
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle provided ????? contributions to Greece during the Golden Age Philosophical
Aeschylus and Sophocles provided ????? contributions to Greece during the Golden Age Dramatic
Homer, a poet during the Golden Age, wrote ????? and ????? The Iliad and The Odyssey
Herodutus and Thucydides provided ????? contributions to Greece during the Golden Age Historical
Euclid and Pythagoras provided ????? contributions to Greece during the Golden Age Mathematical
The most ornate type of column used during Ancient Greek Era was the ????? Corinthian
The temple dedicated to the Athena when the Athens were at the top of their power is the ????? Parthenon
Who conquered the Persian Empire and areas as far east as the Indus River Valley? Alexander the Great
The Hellenistic Age lasted until the rise of the ????? Empire Roman
Created by: Ronchima