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Chapter 4

Conquered people of Sparta Helots
How did the Helots live? Slave-like conditions
Pushed Athenian politics in a democratic direction Solon
323-30 B.C.E. Greek Culture spread Hellenistic Era
Who was creditited with the Hellenistic Era Alexander
3 Major wars between Rome & Carthage Punic Wars
Who won the Punic Wars? Rome
What did the victors of the Punic Wars do to the land of those who were defeated Salted the land
Who were the wealthy and privileged Romans? Patricians
Who were the poor Romans? Plebians
Who was the sole ruler of Rome Caesar Augustus
What is another word for the time of Roman Peace Pax Romana
When was the Pax Romana Right after Jesus
Who reunified China after the collapse of the Han Dynasty? Wendi
What dynasty did Wendi belong to? Sui
Who began the Chinese Civil Service System? Wudi
What dynasty did Wudi belong to? Han
What was the name of the peasant revolt in China? Yellow Turban Rebellion
What destroyed the Han Dynasty? The Yellow Turban Rebellion
The Yellow Turban Rebels belonged to which religion? Dowism
Eunuchs were what? Castrated Govt. Officials in China
Who were the nomadic people that lived north of the Great Wall? Xiongnu
Who started the Caste System? Aryans
Who was the 1st Mauryan Emperor? Ashoka
What religion did Ashoka belong to? Buddhism
What is a radical form of direct democracy Athenian Democracy
Who could vote in Athenian democracy Free Men
Who founded the Persian Empire Cyrus the Great
Who was known as the father of history Herodotus
What did Herodotus write about? The Greek POV of the Greco-Persian Wars
What was a hoplite? A heavily armed Greek Infantryman
What did hoplites earn? Citizenship
Where was Ionia Coast of Anatolia (Turkey)
Who controlled Ionia Greece
What caused the war between Greece and Persia? Control of Ionia
When would a Emperor be removed from power? When he ruled immorally
What was the Mandate of Heaven That the emperor was meant to rule or he would be removed?
Where was the Mandate of Heaven found? China
Where was Persepolis Persia
What does Persepolis mean? Persian City
How was population affected during the second wave? Grew rapidly
How was religion changed during the 2nd wave of civ. More people asking and answering the unanswerable questions of life
Who had the most technological innovations? China
Who created cotton textiles? India
What is an empire? State that rules through threats
What happened to a civilizations culture when it was taken over by an empire It was oppresssed
Which was the biggest civ.: Egypt India Persia Persia
Did Persians oppress cultures? No
Which civilization was centralized: Peria Greece Persia
What is social mobility? The ability to move from one level of a social class to another.
Created by: RCHSDrumMajor