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Unit 4 Greece

OMS 7th Unit 4 Vocab 2013-2014

Artisan a skilled worker, farmer, or merchant
Deity a god or goddess
Democracy a government where all citizens participate
Dynasty A family that rules for several generations
Empire Several territories and nations ruled by one authority
Epic a long poem that tells about the life of a hero
Export a trade good sent out of a country
Harbor a sheltered place along a coast where boats can land
Import a trade good brought into a country
Monarchy a kind of government where the king rules
Monotheism Belief in one God
Monsoon a seasonal wind
Oligarchy a government of the wealthy and powerful
Oracle a special priest who some people believe can tell the future using animal bones, or “dragon bones,” and turtle shells
Philosopher a person who seeks wisdom and the right way to live
Plague a disease or event that causes suffering for many people
Polytheism Belief in many gods
Standardization the process of making things similar
Tsunami a tidal wave
Tyrant someone who seizes power by force
Created by: rejoyce431