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cuneiform the world’s first system of writing; developed in Sumer.
scribe a writer who recorded for the pharaoh or copied manuscripts by hand. (before invention of printing)
Cataracts Rapids along a river (rock- filled) such as those found along the Nile River in Egypt.
Delta the place at the mouth of the river where it splits into several streams to form an area shaped like a triangle
Marsh a tract of wetland, often treeless and characterized by a growth of grasses, sedges and cattails.
Hieroglyphics a kind of picture writing in which some pictures stand for ideas or things and others stand for sounds.
Rosetta Stone a stone slab, found in 1799, inscribed with hieroglyphics, Greek and Egyptian which unlocked the key to deciphering hieroglyphics.
Papyrus a long thin reed used by the Egyptians to make writing material.
Pyramid a huge building with four sloping outside walls shaped like triangles. In Egypt, pyramids were built as royal tombs.
Mummification process of preserving a dead body in lifelike conditions.
After-life life after death, much of Egyptian religion focused on the afterlife.
Pharaoh the title of the kings of ancient Egypt, they were at the top of the social class
Kush first great kingdom in Africa’s interior; Kush ruled Egypt and at other times was ruled by Egypt.
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