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AFRI 113

Last Quiz

2 major categories of African Art Traditional, contemporary
Traditional art portrays the cycle of life
contemporary art originated in Nigeria
First people of African decent who got public recognition as a portrait painter by the use of oil Joshua Johnston
Edmonia Lewis First black woman to get public recognition for being a sculpture
1st written work of African American Literature "The life of Olauda Equlamo"
1st African American poem 1746 bar fight
Booker T. Washington created National Negro Business league
Tracing Family Membership Patrilineal, Matrilineal, Bilateral
Patrilineal Through the Male
Matrilineal Through the female
Bilateral Through both equally
2 ways modernization impacted African Families 1. Wage labor 2. The expansion of traditional agricultural production
4 social/economic disadvantages 1. blacks own or control few businesses or other income enhancing/job creating institutions. 2. blacks have little accumulated wealth. 3. blacks have historically experienced discrimination 4. blacks have lower levels of formal training/education
common features of traditional African religion the existence of superior being, sacrifices & prayers are offered to the being, worship is at specific places & occasions, rituals are related from birth to death, children are exposed to religion in daily life, respect for nature, reverence for ancestors
3 general types of church structures Congregationalist, Episcopalian, presbyterian
Congregationalist church leaders are accountable to the membership
Episcopalian control falls with 1 person or a few people
Presbyterian congregation selects it's leaders or officials
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