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Sci Rev & Enlighten.

People of the Science Rev and also the Enlightenment

This Enlightenment philospher's ideas greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson's writing of Declartion of Independence John Locke
This French Enlightenment philosopher wrote about ideas of government used in the US Constitution. Baron de Montesquieu
These were the two ideas of the Baron de Montesquieu used in American government. seperation of powers checks and balances
This French philosopher wrote about ideas of natural law and freedom. John Jacques Rousseau
This French philohopher wrote extensively about the importance of freedom of speech. Voltaire
This English scientist worked out laws of motion that explained how the Universe worked. Isaac Newton
This Polish monk did not have his book about the sun being the center of the solar system published until after he was dead. Nicholas Copernicus
This Italian scientist is called the Father of Modern Science. He was punished by the Inquisition for supporting Copernicus. Galaleo Galili
This Egyptian lived in Roman times. People believed in his earth center universe for many centuries Ptolemy
John Locke said that people had a right to revolt against a king who took away their freedom. This was called breaking the _____ social contract
Created by: Granny Becky