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NCCT Practice Test

Which is the following is the single most common source of HIV or HVB in the workplace? Blood
The heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels are in the cardiovascular systems
The venipuncture site should be cleansed in a circular motion from the center to the periphery
Within the capillaries, blood cells give away oxygen, pick up carbon dioxide, pick up waste products
Which is not an infection control method sphygmomanometers
Safe working conditions for employees are regulated by OSHA
Which of the following types of tourniquets are used in specimen collection Velcro, Blood pressure cuff, pliable strap
The color of normal serum is usually straw to yellow
Which of the following conditions would stop a phlebotomist from drawing blood in a patients vein Same side as a mastectomy
Chemicals that prevent blood from clotting are called anticagulants
Red and white blood cell counts are examples of the____ tests hematology
Treating all specimens as if they are hazardous and infectious is the basis for Universal precautions
Drugs used to destroy or kill bacteria that causes disease, are called antibotics
When the heart is contracting, the pressure is the highest. This pressure is called systolic pressure
The process by which an object or area becomes unclean is known as contamination
The health worker is protected by Law, if it can be determined that he or she acted as expected when compared with fellow workers. This is called reasonable care
Which is the following is NOT known to transmit HIV? Sweat
Consent to treatment based upon full understanding of all possible rishs or unpreventable results of the treatment is called assumption of risk
Infections that can spread from person to person are called communicable
A tube adapter that has been visibly contaminated with blood should be disposed of in a biohazardous waste container
A violation of a person's right to have his or her name, photograph, or private affairs made public without giving consent is called invasion of privacy
OSHA requires training and educational information on bloodborne pathogens to be given to employees at not cost
Characteristics of capillaries include being thin-walled in structure, forming microscopic pathways, connecting arterioles with venules
Arterioles, the smallest arteries, subdivide into capillaires
The branch of study of normal issues, questions, and problems arising in the practice of medicine and in the biomedical research is called bioethics
If a test requires serum, rather than plasma, a tube of what color top should be drawn? Red
When using evacuated tubes for blood collection, it is crucial to remember to never under fill tubes that contain anticoagulants, never use tubes past their expiration dates, immediately invert any tubes that contain additives
The rubber sleeve (at the end opposite the needle tip) on evacuated tube needle makes it possible for use with multiple tubes
Because bacteria and other microogranisms can be found anywhere, all health care personnel should maintain sterility when handling IV supplies, catheters and instruments
When entering a room marked with isolation signs read isolation signs to determine what PPE is appropriate
What information must be included if the phlebotomist must manually label a blood collection tube from an outpatient Patients full name and phlebotomist initials, date of birth and/or social security number, date and time of draw
The study of blood is called hematology
The term ASEPSIS literally means without bacteria
The use of a chemical procedure to destroy all microbial life, including highly resistant bacterial endospores, is called sterilization
Capilliary blood sampling may be used if the laboratory tests required very little blood
The tube to collect whole blood with EDTA additive in it, has a lavender top
Diastolic pressure is the bottom number of blood pressure reading
Do not draw blood_____and intravenous infusion. above
Which of the following legally enforces the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard OSHA
Common symptoms of shock include all of the following except temperature
Which of the following causes AIDS HIV
Eating and drinking are permissible in a laboratory setting only in designated clean areas
In health care, when all evaluated services and results compare with acceptable standards, principles of quality assurance
The tissue that covers and protects the body is epithelial
Possible cause of tube breakage during centrifugation might be unbalanced centrifuge
A tube containing sodium citrate as an additive is the blue top tube
The lack of physical or mental fitness is incomptence
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