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OT test 3

Old testament Test 3

List the 5 poetical books of the Old testament Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of solomon
Where does the word "Psalm" come from? Psalmo, meaning a hymn
Meter Hebrew poetry relies much more on meter than on rhyme. Metric patterns were used to convey mood or ideas
Parallelism At least two parallel lines of verse where each compliments the other
Chaism ABBA form
Acrostics Organized alphabetically, each line starts with the next letter
Book of Job. First part Job's complaint (ch. 3)
What is the format of the series of speeches between Job and his friends? Each of his 3 friends have a speech, each immediately followed by a speech from Job.
Why does Elihu join the dialogue in the book of Job? - He is angry because he thinks Job is trying to justify himself. - Job's friends have not found a solution
In Elihu's speech in Job what are the 4 sections? - Prayer - Job's questioning of God - God's sovereignty - speaking for God
What happens when the LORD speaks at the end of Job? - Silences all debates - Asks a series of questions showing the differences between God and humans.
List the elements about the unique place of Psalms in the Bible - We have an understanding of Israels worship, both corporate and personal - Deal with all aspects of Hebrew life - Good for consoling people.
Hymns Songs of praise to God
Penitential Confession and forgiveness
Wisdom General observations of life
Royal Focus on the king as Son of David.
Messianic Describes Messiah's ministry.
Imprecatory Call for God's judgement.
Lament Personal lament, statement of trust in God, praise to God.
What is a Proverb? A succinct and persuasive saying proven true by experience designed to encourage Christians to live righteously before God.
List the themes of Proverbs. - Presents wisdom for life. - Emphasizes two ways of living, following of ignoring God.
What was Ecclesiastes written about? It reflects a time of dispair
What does Ecclesiastes warn about? The danger of seeking the pleasures of live by sacrificing your relationship with God
What literary types does Ecclesiastes use? What is the theme? - Poetry, Narrative, Proverbial sayings, and brief meditations. - The meaningless of life in pursuit of material things.
Title and Theme of Ecclesiastes. The more a human prides them self and elevates them self the more they stay the same.
What wisdom is reflected up in Ecclesiastes? That even through all of the material items David had he did not find satisfaction.
What does David realize by the end of Ecclesiastes? That the survival of humanity is totally dependent of God.
What do many scholars believe about Song of Solomon? That it is a collection of many different poems woven into one.
What have people tried to do to the obvious sexual references in Song of Solomon? Over spiritualize it and say that it is figurative, not literal.
What two main interpretations of Song of Solomon have dominated time? - That the book illustrates God's covenant bond with his people. - That it speaks of the love between Yahweh and Israel.
List the elements of classical prophecy - Addressed all the people - Informed of God's wrath due to sin - Warned of approaching judgment - Called people to repentance - Proclaimed God's salvation to those who turned to him
What are the two test of a prophet? - Their message must be in agreement with previous revelations - Accuracy of Prophecy, does it come true?
Define Covenant obligations A call to return to God and his word and for God's people to at peace with one another
Define the day of the LORD either immediate judgment or eschatological judgment
Define the Concept of the Messiah He is God's chosen instrument that would one day establish God's kingdom.
When did Jeremiah Prophesy? During Judah's last forty years.
When did God call Jeremiah to ministry? Before he was born.
What three ways did God confirm Jeremiah's call? - He touched Jeremiah's mouth - He showed Jeremiah an almond tree in bloom. - He showed Jeremiah a boiling pot, symbolic of the disaster God had in store.
Who does Jeremiah Challenge and rebuke? Rulers, Prophets and their audiences, and the Government.
What are the theological themes of Daniel? - Sovereignty of God - Pride of Humankind - Ultimate victory of God's saints.
What are the four kingdoms in the statue in the book of Daniel? Babylonia, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome
When was it written? Either late 6 century or 2nd century.
What is the common theme in the first half of the book of Daniel? The faith of daniel and the other Hebrews in a hostile environment.
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