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Latin American Revolutions

Name 4 characteristics of the colonial system in Latin America 1-Colonial gov't mirrors home governments 2-Catholicism has strong influence 3-Exporting of metals is big part of economy 4-Major cities established as outposts for colonial authority
Describe the social class structure of Latin America Rigid social class structure
What are the different levels/classes of society in the Spanish colonies? 1-Viceroys/colonial officers 2-Creoles (Europeans born in New World) 3-Mestizos (European & Native ancestry)
Top level of Spanish colony social class structure Viceroy/colonial officer
Middle level of Spanish colony-people of European descent but born in New World Creoles
Low social class status-people of European and Native Latin American ancestry Mestizos
Describe the revolution in Haiti-what group of people rebelled? Haitian slaves
What revolutionary worked towards independence in Mexico and helped them gain freedom from Spain? Father Miguel Hidalgo
What influence did American and French Revolutionaries have on Latin American colonies? French, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies rebel and gain independence
List the two major accomplishments of Toussaint L'Ouverature 1-Former slave who led Haitian rebellion against French 2-Defeated armies of France, Spain, and Portugal
List the contributions of Simon Bolivar 1-Native resident who led revolutionary efforts 2-Liberated the northern areas of Latin America
What did the Monroe Doctrine accomplish? 1-Acknowledged independence of Latin American countries 2-Told European countries to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
What country issued the Monroe Doctrine? United States-President James Monroe
What are some countries that developed after the independence after the independence movements of Latin America? Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Haiti
What were major cities of colonial authority in Latin America? 1-Havana, Cuba 2-Mexico City, Mexico 3-Lima, Peru 4-Sao Paulo, Brazil 5-Buenos Aires, Argentina
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