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Exam Room Techinique

ch. 23 exam

exam room ch.23 questionsexam room ch.23 answers
when palpating and inspecting do not palpate the heart
when doing proper draping provide patient with privacy
manipulation is usually proformed by a chiropractor
what position for breast exam supine position
when giving papsmear or genital/pelvic exam, what position? lithotomy position
someone with back or spinal problems might be put in what position? dorsal recumbent
people with special needs , older people might be put in what position? dorsal recumbent
be in what position when waiting for physician? fowlers position
when should you have patient sit for a few minutes? when they have been laying back for a while on the table
having the patient sit for a while will help prevent what? dizziness and falling down from low blood pressure
what is not documented? strength
during breast exam, what should be done with drape? should be in shape of a diamond, from shoulders to ankles
when patient is in the supine position, assist the patient as you pull out extention table, you should- support their feet while you pull out the table
when physician is doing a examination of the mouth and throat, what instruments will be used? tongue depressor and a light source.
when physician is giving examination of ears, what instrument is used? an otoscope
when physician is giving examination of the head and neck, what instruments are used? otoscope, flashlight, tongue depressor, and ophthalmoscope
the supine position is also known as horizontal recumbent
the method of examination that is the process of listening directly to body sounds is called? auscultation
where will you put the instruments for the physician? on the countrer or mayo stand
3 major sources to aid in making a diagnosis? the health history, the physical examination, and lab tests & diagnostic procedures.
palpation refers to- examination using touch, a body organ may be felt for size and condition.
observation and inspection refers to- process of observing the patient, posture, body movement, skin, care in gromming is all noted.
percussion refers to- the process of eliciting sounds from the body by tapping with fingers or special instruments.
mensturation refers to- method of examination uses the process of measuring such as height, weight, length of a limb... etc.
patient privacy can be provided by discreetly - removing clothing and covering patient as quickly as possible
the physician may observe the patients __ while instructing the patient to walk on a designated straight line. gait
when doing an examination of the pelvic/gential area, what instrument would you not use? a percussion hammer
for a regular examination, what position would you be in ? fowlers position
breast exam - what position? supine position
Created by: jrw4274